Wolven One Sep 8, 2013 @ 1:03pm
*Devs* Any Knews On The 35+ Tier And Other Tier Gifts
Just wondering when we will see those released. I am patient but I'm still wondering.
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-Silver the Dragon- Sep 11, 2013 @ 6:47am 
Wondering that too but not patient anymore Grace period is all over due Folks wake up !
This is Ridiculous Releasing a Game in such a Catastrphic Way it seeks itselfes!
Treating its benefactors ! Pledgesrs that bad We come last we dont get the gamemap in time so we can make use of it to play ??? what crap company Ever did that ??? Answer Not one But Dreammatrix! I ordered this Game in Dezember When it was talked to repease in february in came out very late in may june not fixed patched up instead a complete mess.
Comon Communication was only here to calm us down never to really support us , howmany times i was over at Dreammatrix site and ask Questions with dozends of other People demanding a answer but like a joke in the wrong cinema nobody answered! That is rubbish Crap and bad habit and yes i steam of anger about my pledge and never will trust such a company s pre-promisses they never hold. Send our Digital Map so i can start with the Game once more !
Send the Digital sound you promissed send all what you said you will do but wait not till november just Do it! Very Sad Former Fan! not to mention you lost me in that process.
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