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yarow12 Aug 31, 2013 @ 10:07pm
Considering Purchasing... (That's right. Come on in.)
This game reminds me of Silverfall which I enjoyed more than Diablo II which got uninstalled before Act II because there was just no point beyond 'da loot'. That may be the main reason why I'm interested, but it does interest me nonetheless.

Though I prefer to wait a few years for games to be patched and price dropped, I'd like to support this game's development since, for all I know, the team may disband for financial reasons.

"...many things the game should let you know, you are never told, things you first figure out when you go to the forums and are told by others or find the thread where it is discussed, because the game simply dosent tell you about anything at all." -Trekner (Hows the game now after 7 patches?)
^I like this. There's nothing quite like figuring things out for yourself. Yes, AngryJoe, I know what I'm asking for.

"Of course, the choices you make during game play does not prevent you from trying something else later, or simultaneously if you wish." - (About the Game)
^Does anyone want to explain this? I'm thinking of choices from The Witcher, the nature/technology choices in Silverfall, and light/dark side choices from Knights of the Old Republic.

What's the main appeal for y'all? Why do you play it?

Any heads ups, tips, or warnings for when I (eventually) start playing this?

Based on what I've read, I'm better off ignoring crafting completely. Does anyone disagree?

Note: I've read every post in the "Hows the game now after 7 patches?" topic.
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dejaime=D-Newbie Sep 1, 2013 @ 8:59am 
I'd give you my already activated copy for free, if steam allowed it this kind of transaction...

Oh, if you end up buying, don't try to control with your mouse as you do with the big similar games. This mouse control here is just here so they can say they have, It doesn't work.
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jeslyck (Banned) Sep 1, 2013 @ 11:52am 
You beautiful mind person I should not stop you buying it, hope you have fun do not forget your helmet.
saltmummy626 Sep 2, 2013 @ 8:03pm 
the only reasons I play it is
1. phat loot. its everywhere. all the time. the loot lists arent leveled or anything, so you get tons of valuable stuff. weapons and armor arent much different except cosmetically, so they are just more loot.
2. punishment for my sins. playing the game isnt that bad once youve got it figured out. in fact, it becomes downright easy. there isnt any balance to enemies, so once you get a decent weapon (5 seconds into the game) and get a level up (5 minutes to an hour into the game) you can pretty much plow through almost anything. as long as you dont fight them on the impossable to spot and mouse movement screwing traps.
i am going to grab this game anyways, just waiting for a sale since i just found out about this game today.
I am glad this is a SP & Not MP cause i hate seeing MP games go f2p after you paid.
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Megaflux Sep 10, 2013 @ 5:09am 
this game is garbage.

i too liked silverfall (ALOT!) and hate diablo games (d3 being the most tolerable honestly) but this game has no similarities. i uninstalled it months ago and havent looked back (thanks to drox operative, cubeworld, grim dawn, neonXSZ, and xenominer).

even if you got it for 2$ it would be a waste of $, there are far better games out there in this genre, this one offers nothing new aside from possibly a new low bar for developers to limbo under while still managing to get their games on steam.

buying games on sale or as part of bundles is NOT supporting the developers either for the record, buying the games on launch day (or better yet alphafunding or crowdfunding) is. also there are so many developers out there who are not incompetent, greed driven, back-stabbing, scum bags who DESERVE support that the sentiment of supporting these guys is close to sacrilege.
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This is from a Company with 0 Respect to its Benefactors Pledgers those that pledged that the game could be finished wait since release for there promissed ingame stuff that alone says enough i guess Hands OFF its just crap get a game for 5 buck and its better!
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