Wolven One Jan 7 @ 2:14pm
I just noticed that I recieved an update for Legends of Dawn
Is this the patch or....?
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saltmummy626 Jan 7 @ 2:25pm 
who knows, I didnt get the update though, so probably not.
Sanginius Jan 7 @ 2:26pm 
I also got an update (680.8kb), and since i got that i can now actually start the game without it ctd
saltmummy626 Jan 7 @ 2:27pm 
only 680.8KB? thats not very big. certainly not several months of waiting big.
Sanginius Jan 7 @ 2:29pm 
Also just had another look, Ver 1.10s Rel (build Jan 6 2014)
saltmummy626 Jan 7 @ 2:30pm 
:/ bizzare. I havent received any updates for this game since 1.07
Sanginius Jan 7 @ 2:31pm 
Try retarting steam, this update downloaded less than 10 mins ago at about 22.22 (Uk Time)
saltmummy626 Jan 7 @ 2:35pm 
nope still nothing. Ill wait and see if a changelog gets put out soon.
Wolven One Jan 7 @ 2:38pm 
They haven't uploaded anything to their website yet for the DRM-free version either.
reddog00 Jan 7 @ 2:42pm 
Yah I also recieved a small update like the above poster at 680.8kb. Probably because I finally posted about patch for first time ever this morning...lol j/k. I do not know just verifying that I also recieved the same exact size update.
Johnny Jan 7 @ 3:27pm 
680 here too.
CHEN DAEDALUS_2007 Jan 7 @ 5:49pm 
~10 mb, game version changed.
Cthulhu Jan 7 @ 6:08pm 
yep yep , I got it too, just 11,9mb
reddog00 Jan 7 @ 6:26pm 
hmmm I am still waiting

EDIT: Also saw in other thread that one of the devs or someone said that they were uploading 240Mb patch...???
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theodnum Jan 8 @ 4:19am 
it's my third patches ! :) each is smaller than the previous one but i think the biggest one will come soon !!
phadin Jan 14 @ 8:42pm 
Ironic that just yesterday, I decided to try this game a bit again and spent a bit playing it to see what it was like. And today they patch it. Timing......
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