beluga1942 Apr 17, 2014 @ 3:45pm
What are those scrolls for and other things
What are those scrolls good for,they are two kind empty one ,other one I forgot there's names? 2 ND. I came to that Baluster but no one is there (there should be guy who give you quest to repair it ) and when I touch baluster,didn’t even light it up?3 TH. pointing arrow acting strangely,when I pointed at enemy it keep going forward?4 TH. where can I get gold ore?And lastly in first town there is a blacksmith,ask me to bring him certain wing,I did that ,then he ask my that armor I should come later,I did several times but no offer of that armor so fare?
PS:I forgot,in some cases you get stuck in some place where you can get out of it + when you save game ,next time there is no exactly same place where you saved,so now I doing double save and this way I’' got proper sane game.Developers can you fix these things in next patch?
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saltmummy626 Apr 17, 2014 @ 3:53pm 
save games are a bit broken atm, so double saving is good. Im having trouble understanding what else youve written here, but Ill do my best. blank scrolls can be turned into spells I think, dont quote me on that I never used many scrolls myself. I dont remember the other kind of scroll either. I dont know about baluster, enemy pathing is still a bit awkward and sometimes mouse control causes you to walk in weird ways becuase of obstacles, so your best bet is using the wasd keys instead. (I think thats what you were talking about.) keep checking ore deposits, gold is kind of rareish. dreamatrix went for a semi realistic approach with some things in game, so thats legit. youll have to do quiet a bit of stuff before the armor is ready, real life armor smithing (again dreamatrix and its semi realism) takes quiet awhile depending on what your making, especially if you mess up and have to recast the peice. and yeah, your likely to get stuck in some places, sometimes those places kill you when you actually find a way out of them. its an old issue. sorry if I didnt provide the answers you wanted/needed.
julip Apr 17, 2014 @ 6:21pm 
scrolls can also be used to restore your mana for casting spells.
beluga1942 Apr 24, 2014 @ 1:53am 
I do use the windows pointer,original one is still frozen.OK those empty scrolls if you one to use them to put magic in it ,how?Getting stuck even some time where are no obstacle.One example the place where is that golden statuette,there are some bushes right in front of it,if you go closer then you’re stuck there.but there are other places like that.And another thing some quest when you finish them and report them to proper person,there is no reaction from them.That letter I did deliver to proper person but,he doesn't react to it and quest is still marked as unsolved.Similar thing is with that stone which you have to activate at midnight,I did but no sound come from activation and now I can find that Elf to who I have to report that I did it,he is nowhere to find ,and I have map where is marked down where hi suppose to be,I run around whole that area but no elf there.PS:I check manual ,there is nothing about those scrolls.
julip Apr 25, 2014 @ 10:41am 
To use the scrolls to refill your mana just put them into a quickslot you don't have to infuse them with magic they are like a potion.
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