Koreth Apr 11 @ 11:56pm
Tips for effective archery?
When I'm using a bow I often find that I don't have the cursor in the right place to aim at the enemy I'm attacking, e.g., because the enemy has just moved. The game interprets my click as a "move to this location" command and sends my character running toward the enemy, which is the last thing I want!

What are the best ways to deal with that? If there were a "fire at the current enemy" hotkey that was independent of the movement controls, that'd be ideal, but I don't see one in the list of controls in the settings. Alternately, some way to turn off click-to-run would be fine, since I always use WASD to move anyway.
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Koreth Apr 27 @ 4:59pm 
Replying to myself in case it helps someone else later:

You can click the right mouse button to attack without moving.

Not only that, you can *hold down* the right mouse button to keep attacking as quickly as possible. And you can keep the button held down while moving; as soon as you stop moving, assuming the enemy is still within range, you'll automatically fire at the currently selected enemy.
DreamatrixTeam  [developer] Apr 28 @ 2:34am 
Koreth, hotkey "fire at the current enemy" is added to suggestion list.
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