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Fuyuhiko_Date Sep 2, 2013 @ 1:48pm
Wrong Key Usage = Start Over?
I'm playing the Game for the first time and finally moved those statues.

But now there is something about that game that is nagging my mind.

In the First Cave i find the "last"(?) Key after moving the Statue, so now i have two possibilitys to use it.

1. Getting the Card
2. opening the second exit

so am i am seeing it right that, if i get the card instead the second exit, i can't play any further because i didn't used it for the second exit?

I Also realized something like that at the Boss "The Wall" (using key for a treasure or for two doors) but thought maybe i get later the key for it.

So if i am right, i hope you fix something like that because nothing is more frustrating than don't get any further because of "using the Item in the wrong place" (i already hated that in early Sierra Games....)
Anodyne > General > Topic Details