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Rockloh 2013年3月28日 23時00分
help im stuck in this jump

I tried everything but i can't get to the other side.

And how can i jump throught those 4 holes in this hidden passageway?
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007Bistromath 2013年3月29日 2時17分 
You don't.

Also, I couldn't get your screenshots to work, so I don't know what the first jump you were talking about is.

Why don't you use the Steam screenshot feature?
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drumcan 2013年3月29日 2時57分 
Worst screen of the game right there. This is what you're supposed to do, or at least how I did it:

It really is a bit tricky, though.

EDIT: To be clear, run all the way to the edge, THEN jump. The boost stays with you for a short while.

You can't jump over the 4 holes in the passageway to the best of my knowledge.

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Rockloh 2013年3月29日 6時11分 
007Bistromath の投稿を引用:
Why don't you use the Steam screenshot feature?

It's not working for me, I press f12 but nothing happens. The pictures are on Deviantart's Stash you shouldn't have problem to open them.

I tought that if there's a secret passageway there should be a way to cross it.
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Rockloh 2013年3月29日 6時17分 
Thanks for the answer bones, i will try that.
MRClarke 2013年3月29日 12時10分 
diagonal jump :)
seagaia  [開発者] 2013年3月29日 23時59分 
boost stops working when you release the key or press the opposite direction. probably should have conveyed this better - it's not super intuitive - but most people jump too early and release the movement key before jumping, probably shoul dhave added in some "grace period"
rhymingisfun 2013年9月2日 7時56分 
Is diagonal jumping possible? I haven't been able to do that, which is probably why I'm stuck at the same spot. Perhaps it's my keyboard.
andermachines 2013年10月1日 20時37分 
I was having a lot of trouble with this myself - I ended up changing the keybind so that the space bar is used to jump, which helps a lot.

However, I'm actually having more trouble with the jump on the next screen down. I'm not able to do the "diagonal jumping" thing very well myself, for instance on the screen OP posted about, I ended up making the jump but going way over to the left, instead of the short jump bones described in their screenshot. Maybe it's my keyboard?
andermachines 2013年10月1日 20時51分 
Nevermind, figured it out - it was my keyboard's directional buttons, I mapped it to WASD and was able to do it just fine.

Gotta get my keyboard looked at now, though.....
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