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seagaia  [desarrollador] 20 de Oct, 2013 a las 0:06
Follow Sean on Twitter for our new game!
You should follow me on Twitter here! I post updates on our new game, Even the Ocean. (Which is this two-game-in one, fantasy platformer adventure, and episodic narrative adventure game thing!). Jon and I are making it again (we did Anodyne together). There's Facebook for Even the Ocean if you prefer that.

As far as other social media goes, if you use Instagram, I am on that too[] .

And there's my Soundcloud[] - if you liked the music from anodyne then I post a lot of new music on there every now and then. (There's a Facebook page for my music if you prefer that.)
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|ÅΩ| Beeps! -~Ski! [BPS!] 21 de Oct, 2013 a las 23:25 
Awesome man, love the game and the music especially so, thanks guy for making this (and having it in thhe Humble Bundle)! Props, cheers, and keep up the good work! :D
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