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Jumping in Anodyne vs. Link's Awakening/Oracles
so i played this game back in march and hoped for an update to alter the jumping mechanics, but the updates seemed to address other issues

so when i read that people were having issues with the jumping i thought "whatever: i beat link's awakening ~10 times and the oracles like 4 times each; i will be fine"
but yeah: the jumping got to me also

here are the three key differences in the jumping mechanics of anodyne vs. gb/gbc zelda -

1. anodyne jump has a distance of ~1.2 "tiles" vs. zelda jump has a distance of ~1.6 "tiles"; i.e. in link's awakening you could jump at the very edge of a platform and then barely make it to another platform 2 tiles over if you did it perfectly

2. anodyne jump has young achieving a slightly greater height than link making it more difficult to aim the landing because of the depth perception issues in faking a jump in a 2d game

3. anodyne jump has a slightly shorter hang time for young than link also making it more difficult to aim the landing

i think if there was a tweak to the jumping mechanics using the above suggestions it would eliminate the compalints about jumping
i also think the tweaks to the jumping mechanics would be easy to implement regarding the code so that the cost-benefit would be fantastic

another great option would be multiple save game slots, but whatever

i also don't want to hear anyone complaining about my comparing this game to link's awakening; watching a video where at the beginning young read a tablet that said "the village elder in name only, for he is neither" is [perhaps oddly] what made me purchase the game in the first place
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K4 Nov 8, 2013 @ 8:35pm 
The game is an indie, and although it lacks the refined mechanics of big company titles, its pretty good. The only problem that I experience about jumping was that sometimes I would land slightly to one side of where I was supposed to get. At the end I just adjusted myself to what the game was giving me and enjoyed it very much.

Playing anodyne, and not having patience enough to play the new 3DS zelda, made me buy oracle of ages through the eshop. Great game with a lot of content.
I haven't played the GB/GBC Zelda games, but I found jumping just fine in this game. I was able to pretty consistently execute jumps across 2-block gaps, and even some diagonals where I wasn't blocked from one side.
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