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Cloudsol 2013年12月28日上午10:10
Average completion time?
How many hours?
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BlaXpirit 2013年12月28日上午10:14 
Complete the story (without guides) - 6:30 hours.
Get all cards (with guides) - add 3 hours to that.
Another playthrough to finish under 3 hours - 2:45 hours.

At least that's how it was for me.
Cloudsol 2013年12月28日上午10:21 
Alright, thanks. Anyone want to confirm?
GeneticSpartan 2013年12月28日下午4:33 
I'm at about 5.2 hours for my first playthrough, and i feel I'm getting near the end of the game with 32 out of 37 (I think that's the total limit) cards so far. I have not used any guides.
Harakiri Sunshine 2014年1月7日上午1:53 
took 13 hours to complete story and collect all the cards without guides for me.
seagaia  [开发者] 2014年1月7日下午1:53 
Uthor 2014年1月7日下午10:54 
I feel like quitting after 2 hours. Would much rather be playing Legend of Zelda, instead.
Beakerish 2014年1月12日下午9:49 
I'm about 3 hours in with only missing 1 health bit. It seems to be quite short.
Quintelligent Calcium 2014年3月16日上午3:00 
I spent about 10-12 hours (depending on how you count them) to get most of the secrets (including all the cards).

Exploring all the places is the best part of this game. That's why I like it.
最后由 Quintelligent Calcium 编辑于; 2014年3月16日上午3:01
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