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TentacleMayor Feb 8, 2014 @ 8:55am
Worth playing?
So I have this game in my backlog, filed under 'story-based games' as opposed to twitch or strategy. I'm expecting an adventure with some Zelda-style gameplay. Question is, should I stop compulsively playing War Thunder and Hearthstone to give this a chance? Is it memorable?
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Cactus Feb 13, 2014 @ 4:31pm 
Well, this game is very unique and is one of my personal favorties.

To enjoy it, you have to:

-Have the volume on; the music is vital to the mood(I love the soundtrack, its on spotify)
-Realize that there arent a lot of items, this isnt a deep RPG
-Stop and enjoy the atmosphere every now and then
-Be open minded

This game doesnt have a long and elaborate story, but it is memorable
There are some puzzles and combat similar to Zelda.
There arent a lot of characters, but i like that because each one stands out and each interaction you have seems to have more meaning.
Expect about a 6-8 hour experience.
If you appreciate games like Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, then youll probably like this

The best thing about this game is that when you finish, you can listen to the soundtrack, and it is almost like experiencing the game a second time.
The game is more "story-based" than anything else you've mentioned, except there isn't a story. You get Zelda-like dungeons, a couple item upgrades, but there is no explanation of how/why/what... you literally just appear in a hub and have to wander around and figure it out on your own. There is a lot of interesting chatter from numerous NPCs, but even when you beat it, it's like "what was the point of all this, again?"

If you want just Zelda dungeon puzzle things, and good music/atmosphere, head in.
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