Cordelia2232 2012年9月26日上午6:15
Tropico 3
I have a brilliant computer and software is all good too and updated. As soon as I click on PLAY, it loads but then crashes before opening properly. Any ideas as to why? All help would be appreciated!
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Senkiha'zi ® 2012年11月25日上午6:23 
I tropico 3 is not runing! First run, display the : Microsoft vc redist package 1/1. und stop the intal! my config: win 7 64 bit
Brammy™ 2012年12月21日下午6:12 
Got the same probleme here...
Zanboon 2013年8月19日下午11:00 
tropico 4 has same problem
Cordelia2232 2013年8月23日下午2:00 
I tried that plus many other solutions and nothing worked. I have given up trying
Cordelia2232 2013年8月23日下午2:01 
thanks for your comments though, I do appreciate them.
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