Tropico 3 - Steam Special Edition

Renomaki 2013年2月16日下午3:57
Is it possible to wipe out a faction?
Just wondering, because I tried to do that. Never did get to complete said goal, though, due to how the game bugged out and crashed. I'm not sure if it was because I ordered a trooper to gun down another trooper (Which might have been a logic bomb, since for all we know, the AI might have tried to use the same trooper to kill the target, meaning it would try to kill himself). Would it cause the game to crash if I kill off all members of a faction, or did it just crash because of a logic error?
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Gang Fight 2013年2月27日下午10:20 
I did it several years ago. It's hard and generally not worth the effort. But it's entirely possible. Not sure about the logic bomb, though. Unless you have only one trooper left, in which case I suppose the game may not know how to handle that.

Absolute Power (the sequel) lets you ban a faction, which disallows all citizens from joining that faction (they either gravitate to another or join the rebels en masse).
tigersag 2013年3月14日上午9:20 
Don't they get killed becoming rebels? Along the lines of: "Kill the rebel scum!", here comes my army of X where X is "A HECK of a lot of men in green"
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