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Paratech2008 2012년 12월 26일 오전 8시 34분
What is Tropico 3 like?
I'm thinking of buying the $4.99 bundle. I already have Tropico & Tropico 2, but haven't played them much. What is Tropico 3 like? is it best with the DLC? or would I be happy with the base game?
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heh 2013년 1월 2일 오전 7시 33분 
Tropico 3 is a great game. I have Tropico 3 and Tropico 4 and between them i think i've put in about 100 hours. It is a great city building game with limitless possibilities. If you are a graphics junkie, Tropico 3 has better graphics than Tropico 4 but 4 has more more content. The DLC is good because in Absolute Power you can get more buildings and commands and stuff. Over all out of ten I give Tropico 3 a 8.75 and Tropico 4 a 8.25 Hope this helps ;)
Paratech2008 2013년 1월 2일 오전 11시 44분 
I decided to buy Tropico 4 and 2 DLC, the quick dry cement and pirate heaven. I might buy Modern Times during the Summer Sale if its on sale then. I want to try the game without it first.
Thanks for the feedback.
colorado152 2013년 1월 4일 오후 8시 37분 
Much like Tropico 1 with updated graphics. A great game!
Paratech2008 2013년 1월 4일 오후 9시 04분 
I didn't care for Tropico that much. I didn't quite get it like I do Tropico 4. I spent 3 hours just playing the first scenario in Tropico 4 and loved every minute of it. I couldn't quite understand the first tropico.
Gionder 2013년 1월 6일 오후 2시 22분 
I've owned a non-steam version of Tropico 4 for quite some time now. I REALLY LOVE IT. Then, i decided to buy the full Tropico 3, and i can't really seem to like so much. The user interface is clunky and messy. The menus are weirdly sorted and the music isn't even half way to the 4th installment.

Dunno if it is because i've got used to the newest one that i find the previous rubbish, but i just can't get as hooked to the third as i got to the fourth. Still worth, though.
crab ice 2013년 1월 19일 오후 7시 11분 
Which do you reccommend for someone who loved the 1st game?
Gionder 2013년 1월 20일 오전 10시 15분 
sim city 3000 could do? lol, joking. Tropico 3 has a clumsy GUI, not that good background music and the scenarios lack a bit of room, as the buildings are sized wrong (too large). If you could solve all those problems, that would be a perfect game... oh, wait, Tropico 4 is just like that!
crab ice 2013년 2월 8일 오후 2시 53분 
Thanks for your input. :P I'm torn between whether I should just buy the first one on Steam for the nostalgia factor or upgrade to the fourth.
Sim City 2000 and 3000 were my favorite games when I was younger lol. Tropico had it's differences with its unique political depth and context though
kracula 2013년 2월 10일 오전 11시 01분 
If you're a true Tropico 1 fan, find and buy a CD-ROM just to show off when friends come to visit ;)
Paratech2008 2013년 2월 10일 오후 1시 54분 
I'd just as soon buy Tropico 1 & 2 on GOG and burn a DVD of it. Ditto for Tropico 3.

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