Symbol24 2012年12月19日上午9:13
Crash on load
The game crashes on load... i have a recent computer, with up to date drivers...
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Sintos 2012年12月21日上午10:24 
I have the same problem! I can't even start it up.
Sintos 2012年12月21日上午10:26 
Symbol24 2012年12月21日下午4:59 
thx ill check it out
Sidewinded 2013年1月24日下午11:20 
thanks sintos; works :)
Saintnemo 2014年1月19日上午12:04 
Thanks, it worked.
Mary (Amara) 2014年11月7日上午9:42 
Worked for me, thanks a lot !
ag.7909 2014年11月26日下午6:08 
not worked :(
Searchapple 2014年11月28日下午5:47 
Still can't seem to figure this out.. just a blank screen then crash with no error report
Searchapple 2014年12月4日下午1:47 
Hey guys was just able to fix mine. I'll walk you through the steps I had to do, or did, some may have been redundant.

1. Went to steam library and right clicked on Tropico 3 to click on properties.
2. Opened the browse local data for the game.
3. In the new window for Tropico 3, right click on the Tropico 3 to make a shortcut (doesn't matter where you put it. You can put it in the same folder with all the rest of the Tropico stuff)
4. RIght click on the shortcut go to properties and click on the second tab (called short cut)
5. In the block called target, leave everything that is already written alone. Go to the end of it. Press space and add -window
6. That will cause the game to run in wimdowed mode.

Hope that helps took me a long time to figure it out. Also if my directions stinks just ask for some clairfaction would be more than happy to help.
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