Tropico 3 - Steam Special Edition

(Wulf) 2013年4月11日上午11:00
My roads seem to be made up of blocks of the letter f instead of road graphics???
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(Wulf) 2013年4月11日上午11:22 
All sorted
Noobtastic5 2013年5月28日下午4:20 
i can't fix this problem help!
(Wulf) 2013年5月28日下午5:59 
Right click on the game in your steam library,choose properties and then verify game cache,that should sort it,did for me anyway,good luck.
Don 2013年6月28日上午6:33 
it worked for me too but now is my german version half english ^^ some buildings have german text and a few ones have english text
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