seanditch 2013年4月1日 10時36分
why do we need staem, i was perfectly happy buying a game and playing it. Now its a case of buy a game download it again...(EVENTUALLY) and fingers crossed it plays....WHY WHY WHY....????? I bought Toatl War Shogun 2 what feels like years ago, if finally downloaded on Steam after a light year or so, and it STILL wont play.......Please Steam go away and let us just play our games the conventional way. I dont need you i dont want you and the software itself is very very slow and intermittent. For those of us who dont want to play online or record games or anything else that steam offers can we just go back to how it was....???????
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Paratech2008 2013年4月1日 10時57分 
Why didn't you just buy it on GOG then?
seanditch 2013年4月1日 11時01分 
what on earth is GOG?
Paratech2008 2013年4月1日 11時07分 
seanditch 2013年4月1日 11時12分 
cheers i'll have a look...thanks
Wall 2013年5月27日 0時34分 
Steam is by FAR the best platform for digital downloads of games. (Not the cheapest at times) I

As for slow downloads? Well steam will always give you your full download speed. So if it is slow, it's an issue with your connection, not steam.

If you buy a game, it is alway suggested you look at the recommended system spec's required prior to buying. Fail to do so and your PC does not meet those requirements? Then of course the game wont work.

Old Man B0b 2013年9月26日 21時04分 
A light-year is a measure of distance, not time.
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