Poker Night 2

Poker Night 2

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(DO NOT PLAY OFFLINE) and this is why. STEAM AND TT please read!
no im gonna cut this short since iv read allot about it.

i played the game offline. and can't get the items.



here is proof that i am indeed not lying.

please TT (or steam) fix this bug, many people have this problem.

now our only options are to.
1. cheat to get them
2. replay the entire game

and thats our ONLY options UNLESS you fix your game.

please help us. thank you.

(sidenote: i do not know if the pictures work for you but i will try to describe them)
(the orb,banjo,book,paranoiaAI and the trophy all unlocked)
(and all the achivements NOT UNLOCKED)
Date Posted: Mar 4, 2014 @ 9:24pm
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