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Ludo Lense Feb 19, 2014 @ 3:30am
Don't buy this expecting good poker
The characters are well done and funny, that's pretty obvious, so if you want the game for the theme sure go ahead, otherwise I seriously recommend other digital poker games.

Basically the game is rigged against you since it isn't a free for all, you need to defeat all 4 players and they just need to defeat you as it were. Let me explain:

All 4 characters play fast and loose with their money resulting in a fast game but ultimately boring gameplay. Since your goal is to be the last man standing you need to be as careful as possible but since the other characters just risk all the time (especially ash) you need to "luck out" several times otherwise you will be left with just one guy that has 80.000 and you have 20.000 which is game most of the time.

Here's the strategy to get the best win/lose ratio really. Fold all the time in the beginning, don't even bother playing, it's not worth stealing blinds since everyone starts "all-ining" towards the end. Only call or check when you are either a small or big blind and fold when someone raises. Basically wait for a hand that has huge potential (like a pair), call to see if it pays out and then raise (which is the most novice thing you can do at poker but it works here because the A.I. isn't careful).

Eventually you will be left in a showdown with just one guy (Ash most of the time since nobody calls his bluffs and you can't risk that since you need to beat the other guys also.). At this point the game becomes pure luck since the other guy bets high you might as well just flip your cards from the beginning and say hail mary.
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sn4p Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:01pm 
Man, this isnt a hardcore poker game, everybody just buy it to win the tf2 and bl2 itens. Ayone knows that it isnt a great game
Nyghtmare Feb 19, 2014 @ 2:37pm 
Hadn't expected too much with how much it cost, but it's been more then worth it for the fun conversations between the characters.
Born to be Mild Feb 21, 2014 @ 1:30pm 
Poker Night 1 had better AI, I can tell you exactly what happens in Poker Night 2

Brock will fold/call a lot and he will go all in or make a huge bet when he gets something good with the occasional bluff, Claptrap is a loose cannon, he doesnt have a strategy, and its impossible to call his bluffs and he just gets lucky a lot, ash, basicly he just bluffs like a motha♥♥♥♥a, not much else, and Sam will fold even with a full house.
Teksura Feb 22, 2014 @ 3:59pm 
Actually, I have a lot of fun just casually playing it as poker. Yes, you have to eliminate all of the other players at the table, and if you are eliminated then you lose. That is how poker works. Poker doesn't have extra lives or continues. When you lose all of your money, you're done. Each of the AIs follows that same rule. It's not like the AI gangs up on you or anything.

It sounds to me like you're trying to sit out games until all other players are eliminated and then lamenting that the one guy who you let beat everyone else has way more money than you. I spend the vast majority of most of my games with the most money on my side of the table, and don't have much reason to complain about the results or depend on luck at the end.

I agree, the AI isn't great, but it has its moments.

Sam is very easy to intimidate, but this has bitten me before when he goes all the heck in after I try to bluff him into folding.

Ash can be infuriating when he throws down a big bet because you never really know if he is bluffing or not. It's sometimes hard to tell if it is worth the risk to call him on it.

Claptrap is difficult to figure out. I don't think he actually knows what he is even doing.

Brock is the only player at the table that scares me. He's a strong player who will bet heavy when he has a good hand and fold when he knows he doesn't. I really don't like it when a game is reduced to just myself and Brock.
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