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disable random character dialogue
hey guys, I've played about 6 hours of this game so far and the random little parts where the game stops for the characters to talk about random shanagins were kind of funny and a nice change of pace at first but now that I've heard all their little stories it just drives me nuts and I want the game to keep going. x__X

Does anyone know if there's a way to disable that or something?
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Funbit 2014年2月23日上午6:02 
Having such an option would be nice, but I would rather vote for making the randomizing algorithm not to repeat the same dialogue until ALL of them are demonstrated to the player. It should be a piece of cake to implement. For example, suppose there are total 5 dialogs in the game available so the game should play them in the following orders:
but never 2,5,2,3,1,5,4... as it is now...
The immersion would become fantastic!
最后由 Funbit 编辑于; 2014年2月23日上午6:03
tycrew 2014年3月29日上午8:48 
I mute the game and play music in the backround. It doesnt speed the gam up any but at least they are quiet.
I've sometimes run into the same dialogue tree twice in one run.
jeffy 2014年4月7日下午6:25 
change the theme

and there dialouge will Change

3 sets of stuff
really? I'll have to give that a shot, thanks dallas!
jeffy 2014年4月7日下午6:28 
each theme gives new music and envrioment and new dialouge

turns out their is a tone of dialouge to hear
Squareinho 2014年5月15日上午4:50 
It's a shame that the first game had an option to reduce amount of dialogue, but this for some strange reason doesn't. If we could at least skip them...
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