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Why characters like "Sonic" won't be accepted for the next installment of Poker Night at the Inventory
Here are a few reasons why some of the charcters you want in Poker Night 3 will not even be considered.
1.Children Friendly-Some characters, like Mario, Sonic, or and Nintendo like/type are meant for more family friendly appearences. Having a family friendly character Gambling, Drinking, Smoking, and saying something foul would just make the character just overall ruined.
2. Copyright issues- I've seen many people's wish list for new characters for the next game having big names such as Peter Griffen, Roger Smith, Homer Simpson, Bender, ect. those are damn good ideas, but chances of them actually making the game are pretty slim. Adult Swim is more friendly to the Steam Gaming community and wouldn't mind contributing their characters to a new game, but shows like Family Guy with creator Seth Macfarlane who doesnt do much or more of anything with Video Games wouldnt consider the idea.
3. Mute characters- although seeming to be more of a joke, characters like :gordon:Gordon Freeman would not be acceptable. Even Chatacters that couldn't even understandable like Kenny from Southpark, or weirdly enough Issac from Binding of Issac who dont really even have a voice would be a very boring to talk to.
4. Repeat of characters- repeating characters like another TF2 character, like Medic, or another Borderlands Character, like Handsom Jack or whatever, It would kinda be boring to here similer stories, of shooting mercenaries, or the Planet Pandora, or whatever. a new cast of characters has to be implamented to keep the series fresh.(although Sam was used in Poker Night 2, I dont think people really had a problem with that, seeing that he was two chatacters in one.)
5. Interesting Characters- Having characters that are serious like characters from the Walking Dead series, or the Left 4 Dead series, having them casually relax and sit down for a round of Poker would seem like out of character for them, and would just make them seem out of place and not connected to the world of the Inventory.
6. Wishlist contains to many of the same things- I've seen many lists that were just characters from the same series, characters from only TV shows, or charcters that only come from video games. In both games, characters have come from different genres, consisting of different formats, having characters from a similar setting would just not work for Tell Tales' video poker.
Well that's about all I could think of why a character would not get accepted, hopefully this novel sheds some light on choices for characters in the future.
I could be all wrong about this, I don't know anything about how the Poker Night series gets permission on getting chatacters into their video poker game, I dont work for Tell Tales Games, I'm just going over personal preverence and my own opinions.
my list for Characters would be:
Carl-Aqua Teen Hunger Force(Cameos by Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad)-TV
Lord C*ockswain-Dr. Grordbort-Comic
Duke Nukem-Duke Nukem-Game
Doc Brown-Back to the Future-Movie
Saxton Hale-Team Fortress 2-Dealer-Valve's ticket in.
This is the most realistic list I could think of, leave your wishlists, suggestions, ideas, whatever you like. Good Bye. :3:gman:
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my *realistic* wishlist for characters in poker night 3 is

1. Nico Bellic from GTA IV (he may not be possible though :c)
2. Medic from TF2 (definatly possible, Valve and telltale freakin love eachother)
3. Barny from HL2 (good chance of him making it in)
4. Whiterun Guard from Elder Scrolls - Skyrim (let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll?)
I think the most plausible Valve franchise for the next Poker Night is Left 4 Dead. Portal and TF2 have already been covered, Valve rarely even acknolwedges the existence of Half Life anymore, and everything else doesn't even have funny characters, so Left 4 Dead is all that's left.
1.) Daud from Dishonored,
2.) Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
3.) Dallas from Payday the Heist
4.) Scorpio from Just Cause 2
5.) The Wolverine

6.) (even though it most likely wouldn't happen) Prophet or Psycho from Crysis 3 or Crysis 1.
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