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Use Any Image for Your Portrait
by BloodDoll
Just go into this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Shadowrun Returns\Shadowrun_Data\StreamingAssets\ContentPacks\seattle\art\portraits and substitute any portrait file in there with what you want your portrait to be. ***Make ...
Great Tool to create Avatars for your Game
by caretaker666
Hoi Folks! Here´s an interesting Site where you can find some Avatars for Shadowrun...Just search for Pics, cut them, and download them to your PC. After that open the Pics with for example Paint and change Pixel to 212 x have to watch out t...
Shadowrun Returns: General Strategy Guide
by Smik
A guide to advise veterns of the paper and pencil game and newcomers alike on characters builds both for Dead Man's Switch and Dragonfall. It focuses on how to build your character so you don't have to constantly see a "Game Over" screen due to Dead Man'...
The Index
by Benjamin.Wenham
Modders Index This thread is intended to provide an ongoing resource for the SRR community. It contains a number of links to material useful for the purpose of modding. The material here includes links to first edition shadowrun material, writers g...
Allowing Character Importation In 'Deadman's Switch.
by Incunabulum
How to enable character importation in HBS released campaign 'Deadman's Switch'....
How To Create A Save-Anywhere System In Shadowrun Returns
by Firesnakearies
This guide will explain, in detail, how I created the fully working save-anywhere system in my Shadowrun Returns content pack, Training Room and Testing Arena, and how you can build a similar system into your own content packs, or anyone else's that you w...
Random Encounter
by McDougal
This guide will show you how to implement Random Encounters in your UGC. Workshop Item:
Installing Content Manually
by RDC-018
Now i hope they fix the Subscribe thing so we wont have to do this. Honestly I like this workshop concept. But until then this is how you get your content to work....
Coyote's password
by 7heo
A simple way to get Coyote's password easily....
ADDING custom portraits to the game using the Editor
by Aendur
This guide will show you how to add custom PC portraits to the core game, so that they will be available in any campaign (UGC or otherwise), using only the game editor and a text editor (notepad), and without modifying or replacing any game files....
Animated Props and Logos In-Game
by GrungePunk
A guide showing a trick I figured out that allows GMs to use animated props and logos In-Game when creating their custom content....
Русификатор для Shadowrun Returns
by Grema
Русификатор для игры Shadowrun Returns v.1.1.1 ...
by tumaranai
Puzzles and More
by Kitten Mayhem
A guide to help solving the puzzles in Shadowrun Returns....
How to save whenever you want in Shadowrun
by supersixty vox
If you really want to 'save anywhere' you can... here is how....
TUTORIEL N°1 de l'éditeur : créer une zone
by azel56
Ceci est le premier tutoriel traduit en français de l'éditeur de Shadowrun return. J'ai récupéré le tutoriel sur le site du wiki de shadowrun ( ) et je l'ai entièrement traduit en français. J...
Shadowrun™ Magic
by mattkulmac
Shadowrun™ the classic cyberpunk RPG system set in a post apocolyptic world where magic meets technology. ...
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