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HBS_Jeffrey  [開発者] 2013年10月8日 13時50分
Let's Play #3 with Mitch and Jordan: Help us pick it!
Mitch Gitelman and Jordan Weisman will be playing a UGC picked by the fan-base as the best of the best! We need you to help us out by voting on what is the best of the best here!

Here are some guidelines that may help us decide:
- long enough - around around an hour - (for a longer UGC, point out which scene(s) / chapter should be played)
- polished maps & lighting -
- as bug free as possible -
- inoffensive - (in terms of racism/sexism/language, we know Shadowrun isn't flowers & bunnies, but... common sense and all that)
- true to Shadowrun lore / style -

AND don't suggest something here if you can't vouch for it. Please propose UGC that you've PLAYED!

Feel free to use this discussion thread to lobby your favorites.

Polls are closed and the victor is Razor's Edge by Obsidian Razor!
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rez 2013年10月9日 6時11分 
When are you guys going to decide?

I'm cleaning up the first part of my campaign to submit it and have some really unique stuff that I think you guys will enjoy.. Fully open-world, four different characters to play as (each with unique roles in the story-- not just a different guy in the same situations). The story changes based on the player's actions as well (everything is presented to the player as a choice between two options so I can use a binary string to track progress and adjust future situations).

Also got a realtime HUD. xD
Cutlass Jack 2013年10月9日 6時32分 
Shadowrun Unlimited is probably my favorite in terms of being exactly what it sets out to be: Near unlimited fun in the SR world. Can't go wrong with that one.

But I'd probably reccomend Razor's Edge for Let's Play. The overall campaign isn't done yet, but what is there is a solid, great story with nice chapter sized segments that should fit into your play window. The first two chapters especially.
zaknafein196 2013年10月9日 12時30分 
My vote is for Shadowrun Unlimited, great UGC. I consider it a spirtitual successor for Genesis Shadowrun.
HBS_Jeffrey  [開発者] 2013年10月9日 14時22分 
We will be closing the polls on Sunday the 13th and announcing the victorious UGC as soon as we can contact the UGC author! From that point on I will begin to work with the UGC author on polishing up their UGC (if applicable and or needed), and once it shines we will record and put out the Let's Play by the end of October.
Moysey89 2013年10月9日 14時24分 
Please can we have the missing tutorials soon :(
Southwind 2013年10月9日 16時05分 
I totally second Shadowrun Unlimited... The UGC is great, and the author is super cool. Granted, I'm totally biased....
Moysey89 2013年10月12日 15時32分 
HBS_Jeffrey  [開発者] 2013年10月14日 12時11分 
The polls are closed, and votes are being counted! We will be announcing the winner and the next UGC Let's Play by the end of the day!
HBS_Jeffrey  [開発者] 2013年10月15日 9時49分 
Sorry for the delay, Golem Arcana sucked up my time yesterday. Onto announcing the winner!

Razor's Edge has been selected for the next Let's Play with Mitch and Jordan!
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