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Moysey89 2013年9月30日上午11:03
still no update :(
please leave a thumbs up if your waiting for a new update!
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daskindt 2013年9月30日下午12:45 
They estimated early October, which is very "soon".
Moysey89 2013年9月30日下午1:03 
引用自 daskindt
They estimated early October, which is very "soon".
where was this said? please can i have a link? :D
Southwind 2013年9月30日下午1:27

They mention it in their news. The editor is getting some love, I'm pretty excited for the new features.
Cutlass Jack 2013年9月30日下午2:11 
The excerpt if you don't feel like clicking links:

"The Next Patch: We’re looking to release the next patch for Shadowrun Returns sometime in early October, and it will include a number of the new code and editor features mentioned in the Berlin update above (like custom mission objectives) so you can start using them in your stories before Berlin is even released! It will also include the usual bug fixes and improvements."
正在显示第 1 - 4 条,共 4 条留言
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