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chaucer Aug 28, 2013 @ 7:41pm
Bug Queen... WTF
What's up with the bug queen? Why make it so insanely hard? It is damn near impossible to kill her.
1) The healing spells dont even work most of the time. The bear spell on my shaman generally doesnt even heal anybody even though they are right next to me and damaged.
2) the heal last damage spells dont even work half the time. My guy gets hit for 26.. Last Heal spells says no didnt get hit and wont let you target him.
3) You cant change the inventory. Hey Buddy, you are about to die. Give me your rez kit so I can rez you afterwards. Nope... I'm keeping it. Seriously.. WTF. Or at least let me do it before battle starts
4) Heal kits, may or may not, depending on how they feel, actually heal somebody. Also when you have that skull with the counter, I've been able to, once, use a healing kit to heal them out of that state. Havent been able to get it to work since.
5) The endless stream of bugs make it impossible to get to her. I've killed her and then been killed by 5 bugs. Next game, I've killed 4 bugs, had 5 on the screen and she was half health. Seriously... WTF. There should be a limit to the number of bugs that can spawn.
6) Heaven forbid you go down a man that has one of the Aegis shotguns. It makes it near impossible to kill the bugs. I've given myself accuracy, been standing right next to the bugs, and maybe have a hit rate of 50%. I'm seriously lucky to kill it before it regens. Basically, if I dont crit with at least 2 Aegis, the bug stays alive.
7) My mage has a hit rate of about 20%. She cant even hit stuff in the 1 zone even with accuracy. Seriously... WTF.
8) Harlequin has a hit rate of about 25% with his sword. @#$!$@ WHAT? Seriously... WTF
9) There's no good cover in that room. There's like 1 rock near the door that's halfway decent position.
10) Why is this game so damn buggy... Pun intended.

I really cant recommend this game to anybody with all of these issues.
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fredingue Aug 28, 2013 @ 9:17pm 
I must admit i did not really appreciate that final fight.
You may refer to that thread to get some tips
(I finally did it on my 3rd Very Hard run with an Orc Riffleman as main) :
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rakshasa72 Aug 28, 2013 @ 9:43pm 
1) Focus on Jessica until she is out of the picture. Ignore/CC the bugs.

2) Kill the bugs after Jessica is gone.

3) ????

4) Profit
Warchicken Aug 28, 2013 @ 11:51pm 
Try the Shaman with a 9+ combat skill, either ranged or adept melee.
kb Aug 29, 2013 @ 2:53am 
If you refer to the battle in the room with the circle (not the one afterwards where Jessica is being eaten by the brain bugs), then I always went close to one bug and used plenty of automatic fire and overview with the Aegis guns after killing it. Priority were the bombard bugs, as they can affect all your crew. And it help to hire the ghost, which will give you a third Aegis gun. If your main character has a reasonable skill (mine always have at least six in ranged combat), the hit rate is much better, especially as you have six shots per combat round. And always reload!!! Nothing sucks more then to not kill a bug spirit because you are missing some APs due to reloading right in the middle of the action.
INsaneyAC Aug 29, 2013 @ 10:00am 
Well, you are not fighting the queen, actually. Jessica is trying to channel her into this dimension. Jessica is just infused with bug spirit power or something.

1)For healing, remember that healing spells in this game only heal the last damage you took. Many hits from the bugs are negative AP special attacks, and only do 1 point of damage at the same time. So you will only heal one point of damage if that was the last attack.

2) I've never seen anyone in the forum say healing is broken. If you heal with a medkit, it negates the chance to magically heal since you've healed up the last damage done. Always magically heal first, then apply medkits for the rest.

3) You can't trade inventory ever. Period. It is a mechanic of the game. You can give items from your stash (not weapons, armor, spells, or programs) to your team at the beginning of missions, but you don't get it back at the end of the mission. You may not like it, but it's not going to change so you have to play the game knowing that.

4) The skull with the counter requires a trauma kit, not a healing kit. Trauma kits heal no damage, and are only usable once someone goes to 0 hit points. This is only not working because you didn't read the description of the item or failed to understand the mechanics of the game. Make sure you are using the correct item for the situation.

5) There are only 5 bugs max I believe, and spawn every other turn. What you need to focus on actually are the power totems that she is activating (the glowing stalagmites). You need to shut those down (attack them) as she and the bugs draw power from them and are more difficult to kill. When you destroy them, she and the bugs actually take damage.

6) The only thing I can say is they spirit form only lasts one turn. Make sure you are fully reloaded at the beginning of this turn. Try to have haste cast on at least one of your Aegis gunners. You should have 5-6 shots on the spirit before the turn ends. Even more if you can set overwatch before the end of the turn you kill it. you need to plan ahead and be ready and focus on one thing at a time in this battle. I managed the final battle without much problem on Normal difficulty when Harlequin died prior to this battle. I was a Street Samurai, so I was proficient with weapons.

7) What are your skill ratings? And spell levels. Low spell levels and skills = low hit percentages. If you have been playing a jack of all trades you may not have the attributes/skills needed to hit end game enemies.
I have not played a mage, but many on the forum have complained about underpowered direct attack abilities for mages. Mages are better in support/crowd control roles in this game apparently. Try focusing on area of affect attacks that don't rely on hit % checks. Try mind controlling some bugs so they are on your side. Mind wipe/blind are pretty powerful. Just don't try these on Jessica. Due to the bug spirit she is channeling she is immune to most effects.

8) Harlequin sucks serious @$$ in this game. Apparently he is channeling Anakin skywalker from episode I. You will have to do the serious lifting and rely on him for Aegis only pretty much. To be used effectively he *requires* a max Aim buff to be even decently effective.

9)No there is not a lot of cover. You need to be effective in your tactics so you can effeiciently take out threats. If you are not taking out enemies quickly, you will be overrun. You can use line of sight to your advantage. Perhaps not as good as cover, but it limits the number of enemies with a shot at you.

10) This game has some issues, but very few compared to many I've played, and none are game breaking while playing. As noted above, you have been misunderstanding many mechanics, it is not the game.

I would recommend the game to anyone who has the patience and ability to understand the mechanics of a game properly and takes the time to work out effective tactics in a game that needs you to play tactically. It is effectively a squad turn based strategy game at its core gameplay. The game is not for everyone, just as any game is.

If you have had no fun with the game in your time with it, then consider a $20 lesson to be much more choosy and do more research into a game before your next purchase.
If you did enjoy the game but find it too hard/frustrating, you need to step back and try new approaches to the combat, use different skills/spells/abilities. Squad games require a variety of tactics, and just throwing as much damage as you can muster at a target is not the only nor the most effective tactic. This game rewards different combat styles and mixing it up adds a lot to the enjoyment and replay value.

Demon Aug 29, 2013 @ 2:03pm 
Broken game !!!

Try use 1 ranged with healing spell, 2 mages with blind + Harlequin. Blind 1 of insects, hide team from walls near columns.

Game without preparation for mission, without normal inventory need over-load with healing spells, silly double-tricks and some ressurect kits.

Hit Jessica always she in view, see on strange pilons all time and hit when they have yellow glow, and kill insects 1 by 1 with blind on others insects.

Last fight tactical challenge ? No.
Last boss have weak sides ? Immune for blind, other cc etc.

Kill and forget. If not beleave in "game make self more polular in next months" ...
chaucer Aug 29, 2013 @ 4:08pm 

1) that's my point. It usually does not heal the last known amount of damage even if it was just for 1 pt. The bear spell doesnt even work when there are people that are damaged around me. Its seems like its random and only a 10% chance that it'll heal somebody.

2) Healing is broken. I've had at least a couple of instances that even a kit wouldnt heal. Its a waste of AP to do the magical healing as it doesnt even work a quarter of the time.

3) And that sucks you cant trade inventory. There's no point to not be able to do this.

4) This is where it gets screwy. I've had a healing kit regen somebody. It healed them for like 20 pts and brought it back to life. And no it was not a trauma kit.

5) There's definately more than 5 bugs. If there was only 5 bugs, I would have gotten through this no problem. I killed 4 bugs, and had 5 on the screen. This is on normal mode.

6) I know the spirit only last 1 turn. The problem is goober #1 and goober #2 with the aegis guns usually miss. So if my character crits low or not at all, the bug usually survives.

7) My quickness and combat are fairly high with quickness almost maxed out. My shotgun is about mid level. My character is a shaman.

8) the aim buff that I had helped him little to none

9) Still would be nice to have cover.

10) I find the problems with healing to be game breaking. Looks like u misunderstood the post as there isnt anything that I have misunderstood about the game. Its just a buggy♥♥♥♥♥game that shouldnt have been released as soon as it did.

There isnt any problems with my tactics, just issues with the game.
Victus Aug 29, 2013 @ 7:52pm 
No problem with Bug Queen with a human mage build: max willpower, max spellcasting and max body with some medkits. All heals (both magic and non-magic) worked for me. I used Harlequin mostly as a buff bot and only attacked with the bug-killing gun (forget the name of it). Throughout my playthrough the only "bugs" I found was some audio stuttering here and there; nothing game breaking that I've encountered.
Cock Gobbler Aug 30, 2013 @ 5:05am 

The fight was easy from what I remember, especially with a shaman. You basically just summon stuff to block the Bugs and focus on Jessica. Let Harlequin use his speed buff to chase Jessica and destroy the pillars with the 2-3 Chi ability. And between pillars you just wail on her while ignoring the bugs.

You probably need to kill one Bug at least, but most you can just lock down with summons. I did this fight with Coyote, Mage who healed and buffed, and some absolutely useless Rigger that did jack♥♥♥♥♥♥ And I was Shaman with ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Skill sets.

Also what are you guys not understanding of the heal ability? It heals from the last attack and if the damage comes from a damage over time that does 1 damage, it will also heal just that 1 damage. And if I remember the Bugs tend to shoot with♥♥♥♥♥♥at you that did some damage at first, and then 1 damage or something. So it's the very last damage number that scrolls above your character is exactly that, last damage source.

Also Chau you are a moron. Your tactics suck♥♥♥♥♥
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gevrik Aug 30, 2013 @ 5:25am 
Finished the fight in under 10 minutes on first try... You're doing something wrong...
INsaneyAC Aug 30, 2013 @ 10:26am 
I completely understood your post and went through point by point. You are the only one I've ever seen post a thread about broken healing. Either you magically got a different version than everyone else, or you are doing it wrong.

Point 5 I've never had more than 5 bugs come out, so you are probably right. I never had that much trouble with this fight, even with a three man team. Even when the ghost and harlequin were my only 2 Aegis gun users.

It has been noted in the forums that the Aegis seems to be a special weapon somewhat separate in skill use as many people have found that the hit % is quite good when they have no skill in ranged combat. It seems that they gave this a default skill value, so no matter who is using it, they should have a good chance to hit with it. I did notice my highly skilled street samurai wasn't much better than harlequin with the Aegis gun. Aim buff seems to be the only thing to benefit it.

But even if you miss with the Aegis, what I was saying is you should still be hitting more than half the time, even with bad luck. If you plan it out so that you get at least 6 shots when the bug spirit is available, you should have no problem killing it. If you are only getting 3-4 shots and hitting with only 2, that is poor tactics on your part.

In the latter levels, I always hire Alexander Faulk now. He is the best support mage. He has haste 3, Aim 3 so you can get an extra AP for 4 rounds and have +18% to hit. This alone should make Harlequin more than effective enough to at least kill the bug spirits regularly. As I said, Overwatch before the bug appears, shoot it on his first action, reload, shoot, shoot. That is 4 shots. If you have 2 people with this set up, that is 8 shots. The ghost teammate is gravy and should practically be unnecessary.

For the inventory, the Telestrian mansion is the last time you can access stores or stash, and you are heading to the last series of missions, so it doesn't matter if you lose everything by giving it to your teammates. Buy all the best healing items and trauma kits and load your team up. Yes it is unrealistic you can't trade items, but it is just the way the game engine works. No point in complaining about something you can't change. Just learn to play the best you can within the limits of the system.

I concede you may be right about resurrecting a teammate with a healing kit. I have been able to use healing kits out of combat to heal drones, so it appears the coding is a bit buggy on when it is applicable. Never even thought to try using a trauma kit to heal. But still, I never had a healing kit fail. Some on the forum have complained that trauma kits haven't worked. They always worked for me so I can't personally attest to that.

I have had the bear totem on all my characters. It always works. If you cast it on everyone and someone is injured, but all you see is the green healing animation and no hit points actually healed, it means the bear totem healing did not apply to the damage that character has suffered. As stated, bear totem only heals up to the total of the last damage taken, and only within the level. If you exit to another part of the level, you can no longer use healing magic to heal damage. If you already used a mage's healing, bear totem will not heal (most recent damage was already healed). If you use a medkit, bear totem will not heal (most recent damage already healed). The exception is if you took 26 damage, used a medkit to heal 20 points. Then healing magic will top up the remaining 6 points.

If you understand everything I said and it is still not working for you, then I guess you are the unluckiest person in the world. Better luck next time.
y4uhittaz Aug 30, 2013 @ 5:02pm 
Yea I practically steam rolled the last fight. You are doing it wrong. I hate to say this, but you might just suck. The game aint broken. I might even say the last fight was the best because it actually sorta....SORTA challenged me. I actually lost a runner at the very end, literally one punch away from winning the fight and the lil guy gave up the ghost.
But more to point
1) Healing works. You aren't using it right. Bottom line, it heals the LAST wound you suffered and ONLY that wound.
2) You aren't doing it right.
3) Sounds like your own personal oversight.
4) Thats what trauma kits are for. Again, you are doing it wrong.
5) you had 5 bugs on the screen at the same time? You are doing it wrong. Kill them faster. I never had to deal with more than 2 at a time. Squish the bug, punch jessica in the face, heal. Wash rinse repeat. I don't even think I had to use a medkit more than twice. Except for my boy that got geeked *snicker*
6) 50% to hit? what the hell is your skill? You know you don't have to take ghost right? My troll adept had a higher hit chance than 50% and he was a punchy McPunchface kind of adept...using the Can'o'Raid cannon.
7) see 6 above, sounds like you havn't spent your points appropraitely. Granted I dealt with most things by punching them, but even my mage runner had something in the 60's when she would powerbolt with aim.
8) I am just calling shinanegans now...not true
9) see 8 above.
10) See 8 above.
Basically instead of saying this game sucks, just admit it is too hard for you and ask for help because you aren't good enough. Plenty of people have crushed that last fight and not broken a sweat.
I recommend this game to everyone that isn't afraid of a little challenge at the end. This fight is nothing compared to the challenges of many, more highly rated RPGs *cough* *cough* *baldurs gate* *cough*
I also don't believe in luck. You make your own luck. Statistics have a way of leveling out incidently.
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, re-evaluate your strategy, and try again. Thats how we used to do it in the old days of nintendo, and it still works today. Whining and complaing won't make the game easier or you any more skilled. Hard work, difficulty and tenacity are what matter and seriously, if it was easy would it even be worth doing?
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ITT: I'm not good at tactical combat so the game is broken
Demon Aug 31, 2013 @ 5:55am 
One critic game, another critic self.
But what we have ?
Game without lovers, only some fans of SR with super gear against bugs, glitches, etc game problems.

Berlin is point of last hope for hbs creatures.
TheSpaniard Sep 1, 2013 @ 9:13am 
It's not criticism if your points are not only false, but entirely unproductive. When this happens, criticism is no longer criticism, but unproductive whining.
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