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JulesWayne 2013年8月20日下午4:28
Bug in late game (SPOILERS), my character takes like 10 seconds to perform an attack
Hi, just reported the bug to the developer but I'd like to know if someone had the same problem and there's something that can be done to solve it.

In Beneath the Brotherhood chapter, after taking the elevator to find Jessica Watts, my character starts acting slowly, like taking around five seconds to perform an attack. When I click any action (shoot, magic, grenade...) he starts the animation, like two seconds later finishes it, and a few seconds later the enemy receives the attack. My companion characters act without problem. Tried to reset, the mission, even let myself to get killed and the problem persists.

What can I do? I tried to finish the chapter like that but I got killed and lost so much time waiting that I'd like to solve it before continuing.
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Rasqual 2013年8月20日下午4:32 
know bug and only related to this part of the game ( for me)
INsaneyAC 2013年8月20日下午4:35 
This bug won't prevent you from finishing the section, and it doesn't appear after this part. It is just an annoyance that appeared in patch 1.02 or 1.03.
JulesWayne 2013年8月20日下午4:43 
Nice, will try again then, this game really keeps you hooked, hope they solve it soon. Thanks!
Kenshiro3 2013年8月20日下午6:08 
can confirmed this.
MrHanMan 2013年8月20日下午6:42 
I just got to this point. It's really annoying. I'm glad it's just for this section.
Stone170 2013年8月20日下午9:00 
I just stoped playing it because of it. My drones attack like normal and so does my party member but its just me. I don't think a medic drone an air drone and a girl with a shotgun can take out all of the guys in late game. I barley survived the fight with Holmes and I had a mage, shaman, decker, 2 attack drones and me with high level rifle skills
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INsaneyAC 2013年8月21日上午11:51 
It doesn't affect anything except make the scene take 3 times longer than it should. If you are having difficulty surviving combat, that won't be made better or worse by this bug.
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