Evil Vyse 7. aug, 2013 @ 5:57am
Berlin DLC needs to be free for EVERYONE.
Yes, I said it.
No, I don't care if it was promised to the Kickstarter backers. Get over it. A lot of things were promised for this game and weren't delivered. Kickstarter backers aren't extra special flowers and you already have your other bonuses.

The fact is, we were sold an incomplete game with a bare bones campaign. Do not talk to me about UGC. I did not PAY FOR UGC, I paid for the developers of this game to give me, you know, a game. Not a dull, linear and short tech demo.

I am a very forgiving and understanding person, I can understand any number of reasons as to why the main campaign is the cluster**** of bad that it is, if the developers truly understand that they have done something wrong and try to make up for it.
Charging the non-backers for CONTENT THAT SHOULD BE IN THE GAME is not being repentant at all, it's being arrogant and greedy.

Thus, the developers have one chance to prove they are not greedy frauds to me, and that is to distribute the Berlin content for free, to everyone.
If they won't, well, I'm sure they'll have plenty of fanboys to keep them afloat but I certainly will never buy anything from them ever again.
Dato lagt ut: 7. aug, 2013 @ 5:57am
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