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y4uhittaz Aug 7, 2013 @ 4:58am
Give a shout out the makers of UGC
I see thread after thread of naysayers and whiners and I just gotto give a shout out to all the people that are throwing up UCG at an alarming rate. Good job all of you. HBS can keep patching the game to balance and fine tune mechanics but seriously, everyone that complains about the main campaign, I challenge you to look at the workshop downloads and not think that there is a solid future here.
Yes, I started a thread to give mad props to the guys/gals working on UGC. They deserve recognition even more than the kickstarter backers, IMHO.
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If you don't like the main campaign, I fully think any arguments you make are fine. These people are professionals, paid to do their jobs. The UGC on the otherhand is people like you doing what they do for free. Criticism is good, if it is constructive (read, not necessarily positive, but presented in a tactful way). Telling people that you would do something in a different way and proceeding to tell them how is constructive. Telling them that this idea was stupid or that mechanic sucked does nothing except push content creators away.

Just keep it civil is all I'm saying. You lost nothing by downloading and playing free UGC. You didn't pay for it. If you didn't like it, state so and move on to another. Don't be a jerk to the creators. And yes, I will use the "If you think it sucks and have no constructive criticism, then build a better one yourself" argument, because that's what it boils down to. People with talent and creativity getting berated by people with no talent for the sake of not meeting some impossible standards that were never required to begin with. #modders'rights

Originally posted by Evil Vyse:
So really, tell me.
Why is it that the developers of Spore and LittleBigPlanet got raked through the coals for relying on user created content, yet the developers of SR:R get away with releasing a skeleton of a game that is expected to thrive on nothing but this?

What, is it because they're "indie"? Because they used Kickstarter?
Let me tell you something, the reason indie developers are more respected than triple A developers is because they have more integrity, not because they pull the same crap as the triple As and make excuses like "oh we has not enough monies!".

Bullcrap. Yeah, the modders deserve recognition. And the lazy conartist developers of SR:R's ALPHA RELEASE need to be taken to court for fraud.
The devs are fair game. This thread is about the people attacking MODDERS for donating their time and energy. They should not be attacked. EVER. For any game. EVER. Period.
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I've seen some people talking about how a lot of the UGC is "unplayable" or is "terrible" or plain "sucks." I agree that UGC doesn't excuse any "harm" caused by the main game (I like it, you don't, I can respect that). Having the editor is great, and to me the editor was the main attraction. It's why I bought this game. It's not why others did, and they feel liek they didn't get what they paid for. I'm cool with that, too. I just don't want to see modders attacked. Criticized constructively, absolutely. That's how better content gets built, and how a community thrives when creators help each other figure out how to do things. Bethesda's communities are GREAT examples of this.You and I are on the same side of this dicussion, it seems. ;)
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