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Release Notes 1.1.0
Please report bugs to info@hbs-studios.com. Include the bug in the subject of the email and include as many details about the bug including the steps you took to produce this bug.

Version number in-game is listed inside your PDA

Release 1.1.0

New Features, Improvements
- Initial Linux Release!
- Item use now fires a triggerable event.
- Items can have passive status effects that are enabled by holding in inventory.
- Items can be set to automatically be used on actor death. (e.g. cast spell on death).
- Light transitions scripts allow for gentle or abrupt, repeatable, light patterns via triggers
- Moving to an invalid tile in free-move will try and walk to the nearest valid tile automatically.
- Actor spawners can scale difficulty via naming convention using a story variable: e.g. Guard_Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 and a story variable CharacterScaleAmount = 1,2,3...
- Enhancements to the archetype auto-spend during character creation to allow for higher starting karma within stories.
- Mission objective style screen labels can display a bar as well as text to track progress toward goals.
- Actors can now have floaties disabled via character sheet flag
- Optimized visibility calcs on larger maps
- Regions can now be set to displayed in game (to denote feedback to players).
- Fixed an issue with hiding some props via trigger.
- Add ability to have keypad & keyword input nodes in conversations.
- Physical Adepts: Chi abilities have been changed to provide passive benefits. They can be “activated” as before to get the full benefit.
- Physical Adepts now should be able to use Roundhouse Kick and Disarm while Killing Hands is active.
- New Hi-Res UI Scaling option.

New Trigger Events
- On Item Used
- On Store Closed

New Actions
- Set Prop Visible By {Individual | Tag | Proximity to Coordinate}
- Activate Spawner By Tag
- Retain Other Trigger
- Wait for Motion to Complete
- Interrupt Team Movement
- Set Region Visible, Set Region Color
- Delete Prop By Proximity To Coordinate With Tag

New Data Functions
- Triggering Item
- Item’s ID, Attribute, Skill, Specialization
- Player and Team’s Attribute, Skill, Specialization
- Get Actor Karma Level
- Extra values including min-max, magnitudes, and rotation of actors

Bug Fixes
- Revamped asset caching system to avoid using unnecessary disk space (fixes issue of using extra C: space when run from a drive other than C:).
- Performance, crashing, and memory leak improvements
- Warp motion no longer costs AP, to allow a drone to freely enter a vent passage
- Matrix VFX no longer left behind in the world
- AI Wander Patrols no longer stop and wait for player to move
- Allow blue spawners to appear in triggers that use interactable actors
- Modified constants will be reset between each level
- Barriers immediately apply to someone on the tile
- Added rotation ability to player preview in the equip screen.
- Improved AI logic regarding some weapons with limited capacity.
- Fixed issues installing cyberware upgrades
- Fixed “typo” showing Double Tap in the Rifle tree.
- Add debug console command to display current scene/story variables.
- Fixed rotation issue when re-enabling rain FX after disabling it via trigger.
- Fixed issue causing riggers to sometimes spawn without their drone(s).
- Fixed issue showing light gizmo when showing lights via trigger/tag.
- Fixed issue with game “hanging” when quitting in Steam on Macs.
- Miscellaneous small bug fixes.
- DMS: Fixed conversation bug in Planeyard with Shannon Half-Sky.
- DMS: Fixed issue with conversation with Jake after stash fight.
- Editor: You can move things by 0.01 by using alt+shift+arrow_keys.
- Editor: Fixed several obscure crash issues.
- Editor: Fixed crash bug when loading certain assets from compressed content packs.
- Editor: Can now toggle to see cover icons for props.
- Editor: Fixed a copy & paste issue when pasting between content packs
- Editor: Zooming with mouse wheel enhancements and increased zoom range.
- Editor: Added a more user-friendly “play animation” trigger with dropdown.


Release 1.0.4

New Features, Improvements 

- Steam Trading Cards are now available 
- Shotguns: Kneecap cooldown reduced to 2 from 3 
- Headshot: Critical hit chance increased. AP cost reduced to 1 from 2. 
- Cooldown of 2 added. 
- Drones: Aim now works like the Aim ability that normal characters use. AP cost reduced to 1 from 2, cooldown of 3 added. 
- UI Tweaks and revisions. 
- Increased ESP movement speed so they can keep up with their masters. 
- Updated tutorial about essence loss and spell slots. 
- Slightly improved load times between levels for some users. 
- Editor: New trigger “Remove prop by tag." 
- Editor: New trigger "Remove item by skill type." 
- Editor: New trigger "Check for weapon holster state." 
- Editor: Allow heal HP Damage trigger to revive 

Bug Fixes 

- Audio should be much less “hitchy” now. 
- Fixed bug where player's team would still end their turn even after using haste on an ally. 
- Joysticks/Gamepads/Flight Controls should no longer move the camera. 
- Fixed bug with dispel magic not always functioning. 
- Fixed item duplication bug on equip screen. 
- Fixed sending an event through a trigger in conversation. 
- Fixed issue with save games being bloated with redundant tag data. 
- Fixed issue with players sometimes gaining +1 AP when they already had 3 AP. 
- Fixed issue preventing some players from receiving +1 AP after reaching the Karma threshold. 
- Fixed issue with actors entering fog of war erroneously running super fast. 
- DMS: Fixed several places where base attribute or skill was being checked instead of current attribute or skill in conversations. 
- DMS: Fixed prop placement issues in various levels. 
- DMS: Fixed more typos. 
- Editor: Editor should now be able to select subscribed content packs as dependencies. 
- UGC: Fixed bug causing some subscribed content packs from appearing in game. 
- UGC: Fixed an issue preventing content packs larger than 100MB from being uploaded. 

Known Issues 
- Some users are experiencing occasional timeouts while uploading content packs (especially larger ones). This has been identified as an issue with the Steam Workshop servers and Valve is working on a fix. 
- Some users are reporting excessive disk space being used by the asset caching process. We are looking into ways to address and/or minimize this issue.

Release 1.0.3

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue with asset caching and optimization that was causing some users significant stalls and occasional crashes while playing. This update also includes a one-time verification of assets on startup to repair any potential cache issues introduced by prior patch.


Release 1.0.2

New Features, Improvements
- SMG: Aimed Shot now uses 4 bullets, down from 6.
- SMG: Spray and Pray now uses 6 bullets, down from 8.
- SMG: the Beretta, Uzi, Colt, and HK are slightly more accurate.
- Shotgun: Kneecap now has a HP DMG penalty of -6, up from -3. It now has a -5% accuracy penalty, and a cooldown of 3.
- Shotgun: All shotguns have had their accuracy falloff increased slightly, lowering hit chance at long ranges.
- Rifle: Full Auto's accuracy penalty was not being applied properly at high skill levels. It should now always be 15% lower than a single shot's percentage to hit.
- Rifle: Smartlinked rifles were less accurate at very long ranges instead of more accurate. This has been resolved.
- Rifle: The FN HAR and HK G12 were very similar in every aspect except price. The FN HAR is now more accurate and holds more ammunition than the HK G12.
- Rifle: Ammo capacity of the HK G12, Colt M23, and Ares Alpha have been reduced to 32, 34, and 38 respectively.
- Rifle: The Colt M23's damage is now 15, down from 16. The Ares Alpha's damage is now 16, down from 18.
- Grenades: Reduced store prices of all grenades.
- Grenades: HE Phosphorus grenades were not showing up in the store. They should now be purchasable along with the other Tier 3 weapons.
- Cyberware purchase screen is now more user friendly.
- Vendors will now sell more things in various places throughout DMS campaign (such as more med-kits).
- Visual improvements to the summoning grid.
- General UI Improvements.
- Added additional debugging for finding walkable tiles in debug mode.
- Added messaging to alert user when last auto-save occurred.
- Black IC is now less lethal.
- Added an explanation of how Leylines work in the world of SR:R.
- Added a definition of SIN in glossary.

Bug Fixes
- Player can no longer sell a currently equipped outfit.
- Swapping outfits will now correctly give the correct enhancements.
- Player can now equip an outfit if they do not currently have one equipped.
- Drones will now retain their Rigging bonus between levels.
- Wired reflexes no longer dodge friendly effects.
- Spirit death from overwatch no longer causes occasional hardlock
- Reduced load times when loading new assets after version update.
- First time OSX play will start in windowed mode to work around a crash issue for some users.
- Move marker will now be visible over walls.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning characters one-by-one out of the scene and into the next.
- Fixed issue with equip screen item filtering.
- Fixed issue with installing upgraded cyberware on individual locations of a pair.
- Fixed issue with hiring screen adding incorrect selected runner.
- Fixed a slew of typos.
- Fixed cases in conversation where attribute or skill checks were applied incorrectly.
- Fixed character preview not showing 3D Character in some cases.
- Fixed bug where user could enter missions that require a decker without having any runners with a Cyberdeck.
- Fixed various issues with hiring Coyote.
- Work around some Steam Workshop upload timeout issues
- Editor: Changes to scene or story variables will refresh that variable in the scratchpad.

Known Issues
- We are investigating reports that some users are encountering problems downloading subscribed stories from Steam Workshop.


Release 1.0.1

Bug Fixes
- Fix for issue with final battle occasionally not advancing.
- Fix for issue with AI occasionally not using self-buffs and IC Charge.
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