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b5001 Oct 23, 2013 @ 1:14am
The Auto Save is Bull
the auto save wreaks the whole game i was far on this hard level i died tryed to go back and it made me start the level over it took me so long to do the level iam so♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥why cant they make a good save game feature.Iam not playing anymore because of it. I hate game wiht makes the game feel cheap.
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jpr64 Oct 23, 2013 @ 9:50pm 
Yeah a god : kid like you just deserve more the shadowrun fanbase in those forum.

I stopped too monthes ago to play the game because of the lying ♥♥♥♥♥♥ autosave feature...

Autosave every 15 minutes: what a pile of craphorses...

Sometimes there is so much too read and the fight are so long you have more than 1 hour before any autosave.

JPR out.
Mog Oct 24, 2013 @ 10:43am 
If the only thing keeping you from enjoying this is you can't save at every moment, then do not delve into the world of 8 and 16-bit games, especially the 16-bit Shadowrun games, and especially the Sega one. Try beating all the NES/SNES Contras and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games!

Really, though, the game has many more things to break itself than a save mechanic you don't like. In the world of Shadowrun, your planning and actions that prepare you for a run (commonly referred to as legwork) are just as big a part of the game as the shadowrun itself. If you're having difficulties in a section, consider using the copy and rewind feature to make an alternate save at a past point to try a different approach. Though I can't stand the linear feel of the story, the ability to rewind to previous checkpoints is a rather brilliant feature, to me.

Honestly, be happy that it doesn't follow true Shadowrun fashion and leave you dead and forgotten. It could be worse, and it's not really broken. It works, it preserves data, and it saves any time you change scenes. You're upset because you sunk a lot of time into it, tried really hard, and failed, and now there's consequences. Welcome to life (and Shadowrun). :)
Axonteer Oct 25, 2013 @ 1:57am 
Never had any issue with the auto save system, always worked perfectly for me.
The only "downside" on that is that i have to be shure i can play for say 15-20 mins without the need to save and switch my PC off, but that is a minor thing.

Maybe if you always go in guns blazing with no regard towards self protection, and thus you die a LOT, it can get tedious to do the same section over and over again.

I once had a crash and lost 30 mins of gameplay, yes that made ma angry but well, this can happen in like 90% of the games i play.

Since i went in tactical and took my time, i never died - i had to restart a set only twice because i screw'd up in a way that i did a miss click accidentaly in one case, and didnt understood what the game ment in a conversation and failed there. But else, there are games with worse save systems than this and nobody complains there.

Unless you play on maximum difficulty your rant looses its weight instantly.
1) Think before act
2) Think again
3) Think before you level up
4) Plan your character
5) Choose team mates that suplement your char's abilitys
6) Always have someone with healing magic with you
7) did i say think before act?
8) Also dont go in guns blazing unless you know what you are doing.
9) Anticipate enemy movements, if you have a firewall ability, use it to block off paths or force the enemy to run trough it and take damage
10) if there are heavy hitters, use the kneecap shot to CC them.

11) Enjoy the game
bobagorof Oct 26, 2013 @ 6:20am 
I never had any problems with a scheduled save. It breaks the story up into coherant chapters, and saves the game when you reach a milestone and load a new map. Sure, there were one or two fights where I died and had to re-do it, and in some cases I'd been doing that fight for a while, but most of the boss-type fights are right after a save point so it's not an issue. I can't actually think of anywhere in the game where I would have the problem you describe.
But seriously, if your tactics fail and you die, who is the one at fault? No use getting angry at the game for being a challenge. The whole game takes 14 hours to play through and has 30-odd chapters - you really shouldn't be spending 'so long' on a single section, and an hour between saves is ridiculous unless you read v e r y s l o w l y.
Alhazred Oct 26, 2013 @ 7:53pm 
Gonna go ahead and call "troll" on this one.
MadAsgardian Oct 27, 2013 @ 2:24pm 
No problems here so far. There was one point in the game where I kind of screwed up, but a quick rewind and I was right back at the start of the level.

But my understanding is that they're exploring ways to make save better.
y4uhittaz Oct 27, 2013 @ 9:31pm 
Originally posted by monsieurZb:
OOooooh y4uhittaz, you're so good at games! Ooooh!

If you think THAT is impressive, wait till you see my♥♥♥♥♥♥
Mickey Avalon wrote a song about how glorious it is compared to OP's♥♥♥♥♥♥ Yes, I invented a time machine. No big deal.
GunmanX Oct 28, 2013 @ 12:23pm 
People who are defending bad game design are the trolls here. The auto-save sucks and would suck for any rpg.
jpr64 Oct 28, 2013 @ 12:31pm 
Yes, you're right : I play rpg game on PC since 1988 (Pool of radiance) and since, I can save anytime in them...

This autosave, is the worse thing in this game, and I only see here pile of fanboys trolling people for asking about it...

This game is dead for me.

JPR out!
Lord Salishan Oct 28, 2013 @ 1:31pm 
I've been hoping that the devs would change their minds regarding the saving, which is litterally the only thing stopping me from clicking the buy button.

Well devs, I can be stubborn too - if you feel it necessarry to micromanage your customers saving, then my only option at this point is to not be a customer.
kibertoad Oct 28, 2013 @ 2:37pm 
It's getting fixed in a future patch, actually, devs already confirmed that.
Elvis Oct 28, 2013 @ 3:38pm 
Does the auto-save mechanic in this game suck? Yes.
Does that make this a bad game? No.

The saving mechanic is very bad and would render a LOT of other RPGs unplayable... but that being said, it's actually not a huge deal in Shadowrun Returns. It sorta doesn't effect much. The only time I found it anoying during the campain was when I miss clicked a conversation option and had to reload and quickly click through 5 or 6 previous conversations... which took like 2min ^^

P.S. Pro tip of the day: Save a few skill points for when you REALLY need to level a skill up. Basically if you are not sure if you should put points into skill A or B... don't put in either and wait until one or the other is needed.
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carbonara Oct 31, 2013 @ 1:18pm 
Still patiently waiting for a quick save patch, then i'd love to buy it.
Otherwise I might get it in a 90% off sale.
Phosphorbombe Nov 10, 2013 @ 10:12am 
Originally posted by kibertoad:
It's getting fixed in a future patch, actually, devs already confirmed that.
Anyone knows when this patch is coming? Maybe before christmas? If there is a better save option, I would definetely buy the addon. I really like this game, but the autosave-only option sucks, sucks sucks! No doubt about that!
Blazkowicz Nov 10, 2013 @ 10:35am 
Originally posted by y4uhittaz:
It wreaks the whole game? WTF does that mean? Maybe wrecks? Wrecks the whole game?
Why do you suck so bad that you died and had to restard the level? I didn't even come close to dying once. Sounds like you should stop sucking and stop trolling.
You wont be playing anymore? OH NOES!
Go suck at real life instead of suck at games then.

Why are u defending autosaves? Autosaves made sense on NES, about 30 years ago, cos there was enough system memory. Have you considered the fact that you may lose time if game crashes and you have to start all over again? I.E: Linux is currentrly unplayable cos there is no way of saving the game and SRR is bugged.
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