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Khyonmyon Apr 17, 2014 @ 6:36am
DF and DMS, who were your favorite characters?
Here are mine:

1)Thorvald Enstad - one a hell of a rigger, I find him very awesome, funny and friendly. And why, he has probably the best male portrait of all dwarves. If you let him go, you'll get suprising email, plus that would enrage Dietrich and Eiger, I call that a double victory.
2)Parson - Don't let this friendly dwarf fool you! He might look very kind and friendly, but he turns out to be one a hell of a decker! Persistent SoaB, will deck back in the matrix almost every turn, making your life annoying as hell. What's wrong with him!? Doesn't he have any feedback or something?! And his communion propaganda will make UB look like amateurs.
3)Harlequinn - surprisingly enjoyable character, love his jokes, especially "it's feeding time". Well, probably all of his lines are very enjoyable.
4)Audran - probably the most handsome and badass ork in both campaigns. Love everything about him from design to personality.
5)Blitz - probably the only team-member that I didn't wanted to kill.
6)MKVI - unstoppable killing machine with badass design. He doesn't have much of personality, but it feels so good to stomp knight errant forces with his axe. Though, I still think he has one major design flaw, his mouth, pretty obvious weak spot, not to mention that oral cavity is the dirtiest part of entire body, and major source of micro organisms. it's a shame, that there is no option to left him for himself! Main Character is a cosmic idiot!
7)Sam Watts - I probably can't explain that, but this character just feels good, almost feels like a family, as crazy as that sounds, at least for me. I wasn't even mad for him after the big reveal, not even a tiny bit.
8)Mr Kluwe - probably can't explain that too, but there's something good about his personality, oh and look at his handsome portrait!
9) Decker Duo from Seamstress Union (forgot their names, shame on me!) - Can't say much, but spending time with them felt enjoyable.
10) Zaak Flash - probably weird choice for the last one in my list; but he has funny lines, interesting design, and oh my how surprised I was when uncovered his little secret.

Biggest Disappointments:

1)Universal Brotherhood - I will not spoil much for people who haven't completed campaign yet. But let's just say, after reading Universal Brotherhood book, their game appearance look like somewhat meh, downgraded, less threatening, less resourceful (yeah, I'm talking that dialogue with Melinda, just RIDICULOUS!!! UB can afford anything!!) and less atmospheric, was also REALLY disappointed with their shamans and some other elements.
2)Jake Armitage - I dunno, but I really really disliked his redesign in DMS alongside with his whole downgrade, let's just say he feels very differently from the SNES game, almost like a different character.
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CynicalP Apr 17, 2014 @ 5:39pm 
In DMS , there was only two NPCs that had any type of backstory Shannon and Coyote. So they would be my two favorite NPCs. Out of the two I like Shannon the best and I was bummed I couldn't take her along the final mission.

In Dragonfall, Glory had a great backstory but I felt she was pretty gimp as a party member. Eiger had a not so stellar backstory but she was my favorite party member to bring on missons. Her weapon handling skills rocked. Deitrich and Blitz were my staples party member as well but I didn't like them much. If Glory had the same combat impact as Eiger She would have been my Favorite NPC hands down.
Dorok Apr 18, 2014 @ 10:54am 
To make like OP but without the explanations, a mixed top favorites:
- Monika
- Coyote
- Simmy
- Glory
- Jake
- IA
- Shannon
- Sam

Well I haven't played DMS since a long time so I couldn't remember few names/characters.
ej Apr 19, 2014 @ 3:06pm 
@OP: I see what you did there :)
FelixSylvaris Apr 19, 2014 @ 3:45pm 
I liked Coyte from DMS for her no remorse/soft spots aproache.
In DF i liked Glory, she has some nice backstory, and was interesting to interract, however she isnt very strong later on, her claws just dont scale up fast enought
steelcoresoviet Apr 21, 2014 @ 8:09am 
In DMS, I really liked interacting with Cherry Bomb, Dresden, and Shannon.
McClusky was my favorite foil, overall.

In Dragonfall I gravitated to Blitz and Eiger. Silke was probably my favorite quest NPC,
With the Arbeiters boss in 2nd.

The two cyberdocs, and their different ethical stances, were the most interesting vendors to me.
Philip Marlowe Jun 19, 2014 @ 8:37pm 
A humble analysis (while leaving out as much as possible) on some of my favorite points about Shadowrun Returns after reading a little about story structure and character creation.

Comparing DMS and Dragonfall. Dragonfall feels like a love letter, thus I'm biased. My three favorite Dragonfall characters and my take on their metaphors:

Glory, a metaphor of corrupt transformation into amoral, apathetic yet sadistic individuals that a mechanized and extremely greed driven society inadvertently creates.

Dietrich, represented the weight of age but feeds his passions and will never stop. "Do or die" gambler's attitude with a soft spot for younger rebels.

APEX, represents our unknowable near future. (Arguably the best supporting SRR character.)
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