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Syntax Error Feb 17, 2014 @ 6:19pm
Spell slots disappearing
So, I encountered this issue awhile ago, and as far as I know it's not the same. Anyway...
I have a heavily cyberwared character who also casts spells, (blasphemy!), and he's down to 1 spell slot. A bit earlier, he had 3. Does cyberware also take away spell slots at some point? If so, at what points? I don't recall reading about this anywhere.
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rakshasa72 Feb 17, 2014 @ 7:14pm 
You can have a total of 6 spell slots. One per each Essense point. For each Essense point or fraction thereof you loose you also loose a spell slot. It used to be that this loss only locked the spell slot to the last spell that was in it. It seems it has recently changed to killing the spell slot all together. IDK if this is WAI but, I thought the first way was a better option for simulating the effects of a "Burnt Out" Mage.
Syntax Error Feb 17, 2014 @ 7:23pm 
Ahhh now I understand. So because I was down to 1 essence, I got 1 spell slot, regardless of how many slots I unlocked.
Mortikhan Feb 18, 2014 @ 11:24pm 
How spells and essence work:

1) Using Karma in on Conjuration or Spellcasting (even if it is only 1 point in either) will unlock 3 automatic slots based on your 6 essence so long as you start without any Cyberware (ie. without any Karma points in Decking). If you put points in Decking you will start with a datajack and 5.5 essence and only get 2 slots. The equation is essence\2 round down. So a with a datajack to start you would get 5.5\2 = 2.75 rounded down to 2 slots for magic. Let me put it more simply. I normally try to make sure if I take Cyeberware that I end on an even number. Use this chart to simplify:

6 Essence = 3 Slots
4-5.5 Essence = 2 Slots
2-3.5 Essence = 1 Slot
1-1.5 Essence = 0 Slots

2) You will gain up to 3 additional slots for gaining levels in Conjuration and Spellcasting. This will happen at levels 2, 4 and 6. However you must get to 6 in one of them to gain all 3 additional slots. So if you have 2 in Conjuration and 2 in Spellcasting you would only receive 1 additional slot but if you have a 4 in in Conjuration only you would receive 2 additional slots. If you take either of them to 6 you will get the total of 3 additional slots.

3) Balancing Cyberware WARNING: Be aware that a heavily cybered character does not just lose spell slots. Recast times go up as well. Every point of essence you lose will cause a spell to take one more turn to recharge. So if you have a spell that recasts in 2 turns at 6 essence and then put on cyberware that reduces you essence to 3 that spell will now take 5 rounds to recast. Keep this in mind for both getting cyberware and buying spells. You can shoot yourself in the foot if you buy spells that take 3 rounds to recast at 6 essence and then completely cyberware yourself to 1 Essence. That spell now takes 8 turns to recast...most combats will only last 3-5 turns so choose wisely when trying to balance it out. Also keep in mind that this all applies to Chi Casting spells as well. The passive bonuses are unaffected but the triggered power cooldowns are affected by essence loss.

This is all explained when you install cyberware. Right before you finalize your purchase if you need a recap.

Suggestion: If you REALLY REALLY REALLY like magic then I would avoid going over 1-2 essence loss. It will limit what you can get but will also insure you dont end up not bothering with you magic abilities because they are never ready to use. I would recommend cyberware mainly for a melee/unarmed build mostly.
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