andrtan666 Feb 11 @ 8:41pm
Editor problem - Placing pantings on walls
The problem is that when i place a painting in the shadowrun returns editor on top of a wall, it is usualy either completly swallowed by the wall ( and cannot be seen because the wall texture is above it) or is only half displayed. I watched the guides on the wiki and i still cant allign the objects using ALT + direction keys. Am i doing something wrong? Is there a way to force an object or prop to be on top of any texture it is placed?
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Southwind Feb 11 @ 9:34pm 
You can get tricky by also moving the object out from the wall, and higher on the Y axis, instead of just side to side along to wall. That usually works. Some spots cannot have objects placed on them or they will always clip. Try and place your prop on the next section of wall if it really gives you a hassle
rez Feb 13 @ 10:55am 
Nope, unfortunately, the best trick I've found is to nudge with ALT and the arrow keys. Select the painting, hold ALT, press the arrow. Does it move at all when you do that? And your arrow keys, I assume, work outside of SRR? Something funky going, it sounds like.
Showing 1-2 of 2 comments
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