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Equipping killing hands
I just spent some Karma points on Chi Casting to make my Decker a bit more viable in combat, but I'm having problems figuring out how to use the new abilities. According to the power description, my character should now be able to 'equip' killing hands (and a couple of other things), but I can't figure out where in the interface to toggle them on. In combat, I've tried switching weapons, looking at unarmed special abilities (roundhouse kick is available, but not killing hands) but can't find anything. I've also looked in the 'powers' menu in the lower right hand corner, but the only ability listed is the decker 'Mark' ability. Where else should I be looking?
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You have to buy the spells from the talismonger and equip them in your spell book. The number of spell slots you have are (magic attribute)/2+bonus spell slots from your casting skills (chi casting, spellcasting and conjuring) to a maximum of 6.
Killing hands is cool because it gives you a passive damage bonus. Cooler still that you can activate it for an impressive +10 to damage!
Thanks for clarifying. Seems kind of weird to consider something like this a spell. Weirder still is a limit of six spells. In most games, spellcasters know dozens of spells. Does the passive damage bonus apply to unarmed, melee and/or ranged?
Unarmed only.

As for the limits, it's for balancing purposes. Unlike the PnP game, there's no fatigue meter and you're not taking stun damage from casting; nor is there any mana pool, and non-fetish magic is reusable). The only limits on casting in SRR are cooldown, AP cost, and inventory size.

If you could carry a massive payload of spells, cooldowns wouldn't really matter in the late game because you'd always have something nasty to cast.
Yes, the lack of a mana pool seemed odd. From a personal standpoint, I would have preferred a mana pool with a wider variety of options and spells available. I've only used casters as hired runners so far, and I've been struck by the limited options. I frequently play illusionists/enchanters/psionicists in other games, and appreciate the ability to confuse/enrage/calm/charm my enemies, and otherwise melt their brains.
I really miss how physical adepts used to work. You could know any number of abilities but they had a cost to sustain and at any given time you could sustain a number of points equal to your magic attribute. It was like cyberware but you could swap it out every turn to get a load out that suited the circumstances. The essence cost for cyberware was less than the sustain cost for the adept abilities, but cyberware was fixed until your next surgery. Of course the downside was a physical adept couldn't use magic in any other way than adept abilities and weapon foci.
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