Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns

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Minor UI bugs; UI suggestions
(observed while using Shadowrun Unlimited, but I don't think that affects anything below)

- When in the Matrix, certain stats are replaced with the deck's stats in the character view, but they're not properly renamed (Hit Points -> Integrity Points, Dodge -> Evasion).

- In the help section on the Matrix, it indicated that abrupt disconnecting would stun you (true) and cost you half your health (currently not true).

UI feature suggestions
Directional indicator of visible-to-party-but-offscreen enemies (e.g. red arrow at center of screen boundary or a corner). More of an issue for Workshop content with variable spawns and larger open areas -- less pan-and-scan required.

Key or option to lock selection to the tile grid, because if you're trying to move a character to a tile exactly behind where a character (perhaps the one being moved) already is -- e.g. moving to B if D is occupied -- you have to carefully pixel-hunt to avoid selecting the character occluding the destiination tile. An explicit way to say "pick the tile beneath the pointer and whatever is on that tile, even if that's obscured by something standing on a different tile" would resolve this.


Rather than using a doubleclick-for-everything, a doubleclick-to-confirm-movement-during-combat would be useful since a stray click can have you burn all your AP to end up out of cover... perhaps next to the enemy you thought you were clicking on.

Key bindings for cycle-through-visible-targets + attack-using-current-mode would be neat.
Date Posted: Aug 13, 2014 @ 3:36am
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