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TotalyMoo Jun 17, 2014 @ 6:52am
Update 1.2 - The Berserker
Greetings community!

Tomorrow, June 18th, we are releasing the second mini-expansion for War of the Vikings. Just as with the Shieldmaiden update we are using a mostly-free model that gives everyone a majority of the new content with no additional cost, being three new maps and the domination game mode, tons of new faces, a standard class et cetera. The one thing you can chose to buy is a customizable Berserker.

Check out this video for a quick look at what to expect from this new, fierce, dual wielding class:

1.2 Patch Notes

[New Content]
- New Gamemode: Domination
A capture-and-hold mode where players contest three points in an intense battle.
Holding objectives depletes enemy score. Holding multiple objectives increases the depletion rate.

Win Conditions:
- When enemy score reaches 0, your team wins
- Hold all objectives for 45 seconds without losing them

- New Map: Mire (TDM, PB)
- New Map: Outpost (TDM, DOM)
- New Map: Village (TDM, DOM)

- New Class: Berserker
Aggressive Class

Dual-Wielding, Extra power when near death

Allowed Weapon Types:
One Handed Swords
One Handed Axes

Locked Perks:

- Frenzy
When hit for mortal damage the berserker instead enters a berserk frenzy, granting:
* Ranged weapon immunity
* 20% increased damage
* 20% increased move speed

The frenzy lasts for 10 seconds or until he kills or is killed.
A successful kill recovers 50% health while a failure results in death.

- Born Warrior
No Armour: 13% Damage Reduction
Dual wields one handed weapons only
Can't loot weapons. Can't use ranged weapons
15% Faster movement speed
No strafe or backpedal penalties
Enhanced dodges
300% Stamina recharge rate

- New Perk: Defensive Stance
Damage received whilst parrying is reduced by 40%

- 26 New Heads
- Added 1 Custom Slot
- New Axe: Hugin
- New Axe: Munin
- New Axe: Torsten's Axe

- Improved spear thrust direction selection
- Added sound when people write in chat, can be changed in gameplay settings
- Added a special sound played when you get disarmed by a blademaster user
- list_maps and vote_level can now be used as alternatives to list_levels and vote_map
- Re-added limited gamepad support

- Made champion change movement directions slightly more sluggishly
- Capped speed of raising and lowering attack height while posing and swinging to give shield users a realistic chance to react to fast changes in height
- Improved collision detection against shields
- Increased charge-up time of two handed axe swings to 1 second, from 0.8 seconds

- Fixed some issues relating to swing hit detection causing swing-throughs
- Fixed crash on joining a server right as it changes level
- Fixed two crashes that could occur in the splash screen on some setups
- Fixed crash related to corrupted saves
- Fixed crash related to throwing weapons
- Fixed save files not saving the first time after they are created
- Fixed a bug causing footstep sounds to be played as if the character was running while doing special attacks
- Fixed bug causing multiple announcements to be able to play at once
- Fixed a memory leak that could cause ramping memory use in some extreme cases
- Fixed a number of crashes when using gamepad
- Fixed crash related to flaming arrows
- Fixed a number of UI issues in the loadout editor
- Fixed an animation issue with the feigned death perk

As always, feel free to post your questions, concerns, suggestions and thoughts in this thread.

The War of the Vikings Team
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