Teleglitch: Die More Edition

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Crafting combinations
by flaffol
Tables for crafting combinations and possible uses for items....
Tips & Tricks
by Cyrax
So you tried Teleglitch, and as you might have noticed, it is goddarn hard, enemies do alot of damage, ammo is scarce, and you have limited inventory space. Fear not weary traveller, your pain is only be learning, and through Trial and Error you will be a...
Hardcore Guide (Levels 1-5)
by vcxy6b7n
Hello there, I'm FrayXWV and I've played Teleglitch since the very release of the original. I consider myself a proficient Teleglitch player and would like to assist others in beating this hardcore game. Teleglitch is a roguelike, a top down shooter, and ...
Teleglitch: Die More Edition Achievement Guide
by pandialo
This is a guide for all the achievement hunters among the zombie survivalists who play Teleglitch....
*Updated 9/8* Teleglitch Module Editor: Unlocking and General Use
by Gul'Dukat
Hidden inside of the Teleglitch LUA files is the potential to unlock an ingame editor which allows you to create your own modules and edit original ones. This guide will start by covering how to enable the editor and the basics of using it. Down the line ...
Gun Info
by Wybjorn
This is a list of all the guns--and their corresponding stats--as seen in the relvad and ddeweapons .lua files. (This guide was created during 8.8)....
Creating a weapon with Modloader
by Xangi
An introductory guide to lua and Modloader's interface. Geared towards non-programmers, but anyone who wants to learn may benefit from it....
Advanced Weapon/Item Editing with Modloader
by Xangi
This is a follow-up to my first guide. if you haven't read it, you probably should before reading this one. This guide covers more advanced topics on weapon creation through parenting and item modding....