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Teleglitch: Die More Edition

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juksmann  [developer] Jan 21, 2014 @ 2:26am
Patch 9.0 live!
Fixed: The attention master now works correctly
Fixed: The crash when loading linux levels
Fixed: Switching fullscreen no longer results in 1x1 windows
Added: New options menu
Added: Lighting effects
Added: Support for more controller models
Added: Shockwaves for explosions

Changed: agl grenades no longer blow scientists up
Changed: Starting levels are a bit easier, final levels a bit harder
Changed: Levels are now a lot more modular, resulting in more variations in level generation
Changed: All distortion effects are remade
Changed: Railgun now takes less ammo
Changed: Swarmbots now spawn outside the pipes
Changed: Monsters are placed more randomly
Changed: Improved colors

There's also an experimental item randomization mode. I did it when the patch was almost done and there wasn't enough time to test it, so for now you can only enable it by typing 'settings.randomizeitems=true' to console.
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Ishraqiyun Jan 21, 2014 @ 2:47am 
Man that's a significant update.
damn_pastor Jan 21, 2014 @ 2:49am 
Nice to see you still working on this game. :)
Endy73 Jan 21, 2014 @ 3:03am 
Thank you very much :)
Sean Jan 21, 2014 @ 3:14am 
OK this is a pretty good update list! I'll have to dive back in soon. Thanks juksmann!
Sakagari Jan 21, 2014 @ 4:34am 
Black screen after update :(
Willy OD Jan 21, 2014 @ 4:36am 
Lighting looks good! Nice update.
Dr. Cocksmash Jan 21, 2014 @ 4:39am 
I've noticed already after starting from levels 5 and 7 that those levels seem a good bit more difficult.

Thank you for making an already addictive game even more addictive! (Can never have too much difficulty! =))
Oreoleo Jan 21, 2014 @ 4:45am 
Yoooo the new lighting system looks GREAT! And as someone who struggled with level 3 thank you for changing the armed guards from machine guns to pistols, feels much more natural now. On first run after the patch I did experience some consistent stuttering/low fps that resolved itself upon restarting, just fyi. Thanks for continuing to update the game!
Oreoleo Jan 21, 2014 @ 4:46am 
The change in level design is very obvious and adds a lot to running through those first few levels over and over :)
SnowyToday Jan 21, 2014 @ 4:49am 
Originally posted by Sakagari:
Black screen after update :(
Same thing. After loading screen disappear.
Unooooo Jan 21, 2014 @ 4:55am 
Originally posted by SnowyToday:
Originally posted by Sakagari:
Black screen after update :(
Same thing. After loading screen disappear.
Same here :(
juksmann  [developer] Jan 21, 2014 @ 5:00am 
Does this help?
-go to the game folder
-right click on teleglitch.exe, select properties
-go to compability tab
-tick disable display scaling on high DPI settings
-press OK
Red Tom Jan 21, 2014 @ 5:01am 
Originally posted by Unocious:
Originally posted by SnowyToday:
Same thing. After loading screen disappear.
Same here :(

Same here.
B.J. Bl@zkowicz Jan 21, 2014 @ 5:21am 
Intel HD graphics 3000, laptop, all updated. Black screen at startup. Can't play at all.
SnowyToday Jan 21, 2014 @ 5:25am 
Originally posted by juksmann:
Does this help?
No. But on another PC (with Radeon videocard), there is no problem
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