The wierd sorta purple efects that happen when you shoot a gun or get hit
I was thinking about getting this on humble bundle but that effect really hurts my eyes is there an option in the option menu to turn it off?
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White Silla May 7 @ 4:23pm 
I didn't see any effect like that, maybe it is a graphic glitch?
no its that effeect that happens whenever you get hit or shoot its in the trailer
White Silla May 7 @ 4:28pm 
Oh, you can't disable it... Maybe modifying the game files. I guess i don't see it anymore because i got really used to it
The Wise Sten May 10 @ 1:43pm 
Thats the "glitch" of Teleglitch. Sorta the point. Sorry to hear it hurts your eyes :c
yeah much sad love the idea of this game love roguelikes but cant stand that effect :/ ah well i has risk of rain :D
White Silla May 11 @ 10:39am 
that's an awesome game!
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