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Teleglitch: Die More Edition

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F.G Kid Apr 10, 2014 @ 10:02am
Gun updgrades should be implemented.
From a part of Xangi's mods and mod loader thread

"Xangi's Mods and Modloader (Back From the Grave)
Updated for 9.0.

Teleglitch Expanded Weapon Crafting System



This mod will allow you to craft many different types of custom weapons out of the materials you find in Teleglitch. Every non-craftable weapon now has a full upgrade tree, and many craftable weapons now have more versions and variations.


The Long Version:

Nearly every gun now has a full upgrade tree. Common upgrades are extended magazines and automatic firing mechanisms. All new upgrade trees have at least 2 final forms for their weapons, meaning that you cannot have a perfect gun, only a very good one. Most upgrades require at least one unit of hardware to perform, but to alleviate the cost a new weapon disassembly system has been put in place. "tools" can be made by crafting hardware with a tube, and are used to turn base (unupgraded) guns into "parts", which can then be combined into hardware (parts*2 -> hardware). In addition to this, alternate crafting recipes for weapons and other items have been added.

There are other balance changes, mostly regarding the new weapon system. Major ones include the autopistol's mag being lowered to 15 rounds and the shotgunx2 no longer requiring 2 shotguns to craft (and now functioning as a double barrelled shotgun)


-Some of the abbreviated names are a bit illegible, due to the 10 character limit (looks bad in the crafting menu otherwise)

-"tools" sometimes jump around when you decraft a gun, this is due to the lua script used in them. Does not cause any problems, just a bit annoying sometimes.

-The crafting list can get a bit long"

This really needs to implemented, that would be awesome.
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Space Voyager Apr 25, 2014 @ 8:19am 
I'd love more craftable items and the Extended Weapon Crafting mod added more or less what I wanted with weapon disassembly - except that I would be happy to see different objects come from the disassembly (and more items be added to the game in general). Still, a phenomenal mod.

I'd add that some items need not take any inventory space. "Robolegs" for instance could add more space instead of taking it. I admit that managing the available space is a game in itself, but that space could be filled with different items. One-time sensor (before getting the EM variant), tube collapser (to destroy the tube before the bots or zombies come out)... An endless well of possibilities really.
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