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2 serious issues I have with this game
Teleglitch DME is a great game.

It's damn tough, but for most of the time, it's FAIR. Usually when I die, I know it was MY mistake - usually being stupid, clumsy and/or panicking. I can't blame bad item drops or unlucky scripted events / spawns - most of rouglelike games have that problem. Not Teleglitch DME.

But there are two things that are NOT fair. And I really hope devs would look into that.


This is pain, especially with the latest patch that randomizes levels even further. I love it. But sometimes, it bites your♥♥♥♥♥SO HARD.
It killed me 2 times on level 8. I start the level, check my stuff, and open the first door.
Behind the door there are 2 squids, a war walker, 7-8 guards/scientists (not exaggerating!) and at least 1 big MG zombie.
There's NO chance to survive this. No matter how beefy your character is, how much ammo he has - it's instedeath. Nowhere to run or take cover, and you can't kill those guys in a showdown.
You just die.

This is extremally annoying and it wastes my time, when the game decides 'I'll just put those rooms like this and set monsters/patrols like this so he can't even leave the teleporter room'.

It sometimes happened in versions 8 or older, but in 9 it's much more frequent.
PLEASE, look into this devs.


You can make extra lives in this game, at a pretty high cost (medkits are so precious).
But the implementation is very lacking.

When you die in a boss fight it's ok - you land in a secluded teleporter with some breathing room. You can prepare yourself before coming out to face the boss again.

But in a normal situation, you get teleported to the starting room. Makes sense most of the time, right? But what if you DIED in the starting room? You just die again. And again. The teleporters are USELESS when monsters kill you on the starting teleporter. If something like a weleder bot or swarmbots killed you, You die INSTANTLY after respawning, before you even have a chance to move (not exaggerating again). The number of teleporters in your inventory dies not matter too.

Those two 'features' are connected - if the level is created in such way that you're assaulted when leaving the first room, you'll not only die, but lose all your extra lives.

Creating additional, 'safe' teleporter rooms is one option to resolve this. Or just make mosters go away from the starting room BEFORE you respawn.

Sorry if I whined too much, but I just lost the game again on level 7 due to welder bot patrol that jumped me in the starting teleporter. Managed to kill 2, the third one stripped me of my lives, 3 of them. It's so pointless when all you can do is look.

Personal info: I have more than 30h of teleglitch under my belt, and I've fought the final boss once (got beaten - out of ammo). I usually reach levels 7-8 before dying.
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Repo84 Feb 3, 2014 @ 12:50am 
Thrown explosives in and ducking around the corner can save you, as someone who has done about 20 hours just in this version. Otherwise, a cangun can occasionally do it.
QQ Feb 4, 2014 @ 12:33pm 
This critic seems to be fair. The devs should really look into this.
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Crimsong Feb 4, 2014 @ 12:50pm 
i think hes just about right. the devs should look into this and check for few balance changes.. also.. add sound adjustment bar in the options ._.
This first problem seems to be a combination of: 1. unlucky level/monster generation, 2. unlucky monster patrol routes.

I always use upgraded detector, I saw 3 enemies behind the first door. After opening them, 6 or 8 another monsters arrived and instantly joined the party.

I've finally beaten the game in my next playthrough though!
juksmann  [developer] Feb 4, 2014 @ 1:47pm 
Monster's patrol route shouldn't go through the starting room. If that happens, it means that there's a bug somewhere.
Other than that, I'm not sure how to avoid this issue.
Thanks for the reply Mr. Developer!

Oh, monster love to patrol through the starting room.
Level 5 is a stellar example, I've seen red guards entering starting teleporter before I even decided to leave it! I can usually hide from them and hear them walking around, opening doors, etc.

I agree that the first issue may not be easy to resolve. And I could live with it. I got jumped, died - fine, it happens. I have extra lives, right? RIGHT? Oh wait, they do nothing!

The second issue is more important here. That's what extra lifes are for, to mitigate bad luck. They NEED to work.
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Trebax Feb 5, 2014 @ 5:37am 
I can Agree with this as I have encounted this many times, at one point a red gaurd used a shotgun and blew me apart on the teleport pad point blank range, while STANDING IN THE TELEPORT CHAMBER. Like on the pad you spawn in at. I even took out the squid(+2-4 other gaurds) who was standing in the doorframe to the teleport room with two shots of a panzer so, It wasn't just me being a bad player and not knowing how to kill one gaurd.

He spawn camped me and took all three of my lifes. Best part? that run was me seeing if reserving all of my micro-chips for Extra lifes and not crafting any other yellow Item but those would get me further in the game.
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andychow1234 Feb 7, 2014 @ 7:53pm 
I suggest a 5-10 sec invulnerability after you respawn in the teleporter room.
Rahjital Feb 8, 2014 @ 2:16pm 
Another solution would be simply killing all monsters in line of sight of the teleporting player. Makes sure the player does not get unfairly slaughtered in the teleporter room time after time, and can be easily justified in game lore, perhaps by some sort of radiation being emitted in the process of teleporting.
Pvt. Prinny Feb 8, 2014 @ 5:46pm 
Yeah, something needs to be done.
So there i am decked with hundreds of ammo plenty of medkits and 2 teleporters along with near full armour.
The snake went down easy to my lasgunmod as i got a pillar room and stims in this run, barely took any damage.
But then i reach level 7...
Teleporter room itself was fine, no enemies in sight although it was a little cramped (very small entrance room).
I step out into the corridor and the following start attacking me-
-3 scientists
-2 machine gun zombies
-2 welder bots
-1 swarm bot,
Not even exxagerating the numbers on this one.
So like any good player in this situation i run back to the teleporter as the enemies where blocking the way out and attracting more enemies would only make my situation worse.
The only problem is i now had a small army camping the teleporter.
What was i even meant to do in this situation? I only had 3 RDX 250's and my lasgun wouldn't have been able to fire long enough to kill them even when upgraded.
There was nothing i could have done to avoid this, there's only one way out of the teleporter room so even if i did see them (Which i did, i had an EM detector) i would have to confront them anyway, and there was no way to kill them as there were to many enemies with high hp and armour to fight at once.
MAYBE if i lucked out and got a much larger telporter room
MAYBE if the enemy mob was a little smaller
But in this run RNG screwed me over completely and i was left helpless despite how well i was doing previously.
Meaning this game can sometimes be about dumb luck rather than any skill on the players part.
And that's just no fun...
KrysisJT Feb 8, 2014 @ 10:09pm 
I love this game. I've only come close to beating level 2 haha. It keeps me coming back to play more and more though and practice up. Sounds like some crazy things are to come in the next levels. Look forward to checking them out.
roguelikes are about luck and skill.... the 2 have to sync up in order for you to have a chance to win. Take a look at the older askii roguelikes. Its not just about skill, sometimes you need luck on yourside as well. Sometimes you dont get it.
Pain Is A Warning Feb 13, 2014 @ 4:50pm 
That's where Teleglitch DME was different from many other roguelikes, it was FAIR and promoted SKILL.
Trebax Feb 13, 2014 @ 5:02pm 
Any time luck comes into play, All strategy is thrown out the window.

The problem Is mainly that no matter what you do, the luck factor eliminates anything you could have done. I mean, You might as well have a random number generator that has a 1 in 10 chance of killing you evey 10 seconts. And just becuse it is old does not mean that having it is good, Alot of Old things died out For good reasons and should stay dead. Otherwise you are just advocating for a game that is not unfair but a game that Is just a bad game. there is no way around it, Manditory Luck thrown into a game that is this hard allready is not a throwback to old games, Its just a flat out BAD gameplay mechanic.
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