BiskutMentega Jul 20, 2014 @ 2:21pm
Machine gun zombies
How do you kill them? I just passed level 5, killed the two robot. One with rocket AP or something and another with heavy rifle. I use heavy rifle on them cyborg zombies, but they just don't die.

Oh, and does the nailgun worth it? I made a nailgun-4, can't kill a thing with it.
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Boksha Jul 20, 2014 @ 3:31pm 
Using the heavy rifle on the big zombies is a waste. It's an armour piercing weapon and big zombies aren't hard to kill because they have armour; they're just tough. Regular bullet weapons like the 9mm-pst1, shotgun and mg3200 work well on them, but they'll always take some punishment (think a whole 9mm clip, ~15 mg rounds or 3 full shotgun blasts; from long range it'll take like 6 shotgun blasts) before going down. They're pretty rare though (there's only ~16 in the entire game!) so you can afford to waste some ammunition by firing at them from long range.

The nailgun is largely an ammo saver. I wouldn't bother upgrading it above a nailgun1; since its primary function is to save ammo for other weapons, being able to precisely measure out how many nails you fire takes (strong) precedence over raw damage output. I also wouldn't use it against anything but zombies and (big) mutants, since it's strictly a close range weapon. You don't want any enemy with a ranged attack to even come close to you, normally.
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