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Collect all golden lily pads
by Ztar
En esta guia estan los videos que grabe para obtener los lily pad de cada nivel en todo el juego. Ztar ...
Advanced Tweaks for Superfrog HD
by Devlin
Sick of the camera zooming around all over the place and making you dizzy? Or maybe the intro takes too long and you just want to play? In this guide, I provide Advanced tips and instructions to solve some of your woes :)...
Is your game so fast?
by ﮎrnrtkoҲ(cZ)²
If you have troubles with this game. Because its running much faster than it would be. Just turn off Vsync :) Thats it.. thats all ;)...
Superfrog HD Walkthrough 1080p
by 60 fps gaming
This video series contains full of gameplay Superfrog HD... I played all levels on 1080p...