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BenTeam17  [developer] Oct 1, 2013 @ 7:30am
How to report a problem
Hello Superfrog HD fans,

This thread is to help provide instructions for reporting bugs and troubleshooting common issues.
Before posting any problems that you have, please first :
1. Check all of the information on this page to resolve the issue
2. Use the “Search discussions” box to ensure your bug hasn't already been reported.
3. Double check the Solved Problems forum to ensure that your bug hasn't already been addressed.
If it has been included in the forums already, then please feel free to post in that existing thread to add your supporting information/DxDiag.

If you've found a bug that’s not been reported yet, then please start a new thread in this sub forum using the template below:

A brief description of the issue.

The steps required to reliably recreate the issue.
1. Launch the game
2. Select Single Player
3. etc.

A description of what will happen after following the steps.

A description of what you expect to happen.

Firstly, please ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date.

For NVidia cards:
Ubuntu 12.04: System Settings > Additional Drivers
Ubuntu 12.10: System Settings > Software Sources > Additional Drivers
Ubuntu 13.04: System Settings > Software & Updates > Additional Drivers

Once you have navigated as above, you will be presented with a closed source driver list, including recommendations.
Please select and download the appropriate drivers where necessary.

For AMD cards:
Please follow the instructions found on this page -

In some instances, user system have been found with language settings configured for more than one locale.
We are actively investigating this matter but have a workaround in the absence of a fix:

1. Open System Settings and from there, Language Support.
2. In the Language tab, in the "Language for menus and windows" section, drag the preferred language and country to the top of the list.
3. Click on the Apply system-wide button (this will most likely require your password).
4. Click on the Regional Formats tab and select the equivalent language and country from the drop down list to the one that was previously selected.
5. Again click on the Apply system-wide button.
6. Close Language Support and System Settings.
7. Log out of the system and re-login (restarting will work as well).

Alternatively, please locate ‘sudo nano /etc/locale.conf’ and replace the line ‘LC_COLLATE’ with ‘# LC_COLLATE="C"'.

Once you have carried out this action, please restart your system attempt to run the game again.

Problems may occur if local game files are corrupt or missing. To check for / rectify this, please follow the steps below:

1. Launch Steam
2. Navigate to the ‘Library’ tab and locate Superfrog HD
3. Right click on Superfrog HD and select the option ‘Properties’ at the bottom
4. In the newly opened properties window, please navigate to the ‘Local Files’ tab
5. Please select and run the last option in this menu, ‘Verify Integrity Of Game Cache’

Please also take note at this point that Steam only offers support for Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.10.
Please find the page (linked below) for more information:

If you are attempting to run one of our games on Arch Linux, please know that Steam officially provides no support for this and that we cannot guarantee the performance of any title run through Steam on Arch Linux.
For information on using Steam with Arch Linux, please follow the link below:

If none of these steps have resolved your problem, please submit your bug report through our dedicated support portal[].

To gather and supply us with your system information, please follow the steps below:

1. Run 'Hardinfo'
(If you do not have Hardinfo - "sudo apt-get install hardinfo")
2. Click 'Generate Report'
3. Please save the report as a .txt file type
4. Please include this in your e-mail

If your issue is related to a crash, could you please start a command prompt and type the following:

ulimit -c unlimited

(Please note that there is no letter 'n' in ulimit.)

Then, please make sure that Steam is running and that you are signed in.
Proceed to type the following:

cd ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Superfrog/

Followed by:

../../../ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/ ./

This makes sure that Superfrog is run correctly using the Steam Linux Runtime and that any crash generates a memory dump file to the games local directory.
Please find this dump file (Named 'core' and include it in your response)

For issues on a PC:

Please follow the steps below to check the integrity of your local game files:

1. Launch Steam
2. Navigate to the ‘Library’ tab and locate Superfrog HD
3. Right click on Superfrog HD and select the option ‘Properties’ at the bottom
4. In the newly opened properties window, please navigate to the ‘Local Files’ tab
5. Please select and run the last option in this menu, ‘Verify Integrity Of Game Cache’

Update your graphics driver
Visit your graphic card manufacturers' website and download and install the latest driver. If you have a laptop, you may have to visit the laptop manufacturer’s website in order to obtain the latest driver. Please note that these can often be a few revisions behind the reference driver. If may be worth contacting your laptop manufacturer to see if they plan to update the driver soon.

Integrated graphics
We've had a lot of issues where the game is running through integrated Intel graphics as opposed to high-performance Nvida/ATI cards.

If you want to run the game through your dedicated graphics card, you will need to refer to your computers manufacturers documents or instructions if you are unsure on how to do this, or contact the manufacturer directly if you do not have these documents. Please be aware that this process can be different with each machine. Below are some sites that you may find useful:
For performance or mouse-lag issues, try disabling the v-synch option in your graphics driver.

Crash on Start Up
There is an issue with Intel HD3000 cards crashing on startup when using certain drivers. Intel have released a driver update ([]) which fixes this issue.

To update your drivers please follow the steps below:

1. Go to
2. Select the ‘Continue’ button underneath ‘Intel® Driver Update Utility’
3. Select the button in the centre of the screen titled ‘Check your system for the latest updates’.
4. Give permission to run Java.
5. Give permission to run Java plug-in ‘’ (or System Requirement Lab).
6. Download any new versions of drivers for your Intel graphics card.

Alternatively the latest driver can be found here[].

If following all of the above steps has not resolved your issue, please follow the steps below to provide the support team with the information they will require to assist you further:

1. Hold down the Windows Key and press R
2. The Run dialog should appear. Type dxdiag in the available text field.
3. Click OK
4. Click Save All Information
5. Set the Save as type to Text File (*.txt)
6. Save the file DxDiag.txt to your Desktop so it is easy to find.
7. Attach the DXdiag.txt file to a bug report through our dedicated support portal[].

Thank you,
Team17 Support
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