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Rak Nieborak 2013年12月13日上午10:43
How to unlocke other worlds?
I completed all the new and original levels in world 1, I played in world 2, but when i leave the game I can't choose any worlds exept the first one.

I know that this is probably a stupid question, I can't figure it out by myself cause I wan't to play as little as possible cause this game makes me motion sick. I just want all the achievements.
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Cherno 2013年12月16日上午12:32 
You need to drag the world list with the mouse (or use the shoulder buttons if you use a controller).
Rak Nieborak 2013年12月16日上午1:04 
Thank you. Yeah the draging works, I was trying to click it. How foolish of me.
Cherno 2013年12月16日下午6:04 
Is a really really weird design choice... not intuitive at all.
qvilu 2013年12月21日上午3:27 
try F1, works too
JennKhatte 2013年12月21日上午4:00 
F1 works fine
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