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morbosfist 24 września 2013 o 22:04
Nothing But Skull
Anyone managed this achievement yet? I've tried at least five times on vanilla brain transplant and can't get it to work.
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1nvinc3 25 września 2013 o 2:18 
worked for me in ambulance
The Derr Man 25 września 2013 o 2:22 
Yeah i'm having trouble with this as well, and i don't really know the requires for 'It's In! It's In I Tell You!' i assume you must fail just before you win? And where the hell is Trishas new number?!
MattShea 25 września 2013 o 3:28 
Try to copy what I did in this gif.

For the 'It's in!' achievement, I pulled out everything in the regular heart transplant, put the heart in wrong, and killed Bob.
J. Mad 25 września 2013 o 5:15 
Did that and didn't get "It's In" :(
MattShea 25 września 2013 o 6:02 
Do it again! :D
The Derr Man 25 września 2013 o 6:11 
Thanks! I got Nothing But Skull even after guiding it in, and It's In was easy, just put heart in and drilled his face!
Jethro 25 września 2013 o 9:53 
Did that and didn't get "It's In" :(
According to the SurgeonSim2013 on twitter, it's based on this:

Edit: go to 2:30 (this embed thing doesn't like timestamping)
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J. Mad 25 września 2013 o 9:56 
Hum ! Thank you, I did it a couple more times before it worked.
Now I'm wondering about the spoon flip. No matter how fabulously I flip it, still no achiev. I also tried during surgeries.
}|{Ptolemy 25 września 2013 o 11:28 
I've thrown the brain in like 5 times now - no achievement. Very, very annoying.
karmarok 25 września 2013 o 13:43 
is there a way to get "Nothing but skull" different than the gif? I always throw it vertically and falls in my hand
morbosfist 25 września 2013 o 13:45 
It'll go forward if you release it at the right point.
karmarok 25 września 2013 o 14:18 
i've improved my free throws and I've managed to score, but no luck with the achievement. maybe I need to be further
JacquesLeSauve 26 września 2013 o 11:21 
I got the skull achievement exactly as shown in the gif. Just pull back as far as you can before tossing it. I don't know if the stage matters but I got it in the first brain surgery operation.

For "It's in!", I think both hearts have to be in before he's killed? Not sure, but it worked for me.

The spoon flip seems pretty temperamental and seemingly perfect attempts won't count. But keep at it and you'll nail it eventually. I got it during the first heart operation.

But does anyone know how to smash all the canisters? It's the only achievement I can't get and I don't know if it's stage sensitive (since the icon is purple I'm presuming it's a space stage?) or if I'm just not doing it right.
J. Mad 26 września 2013 o 11:23 
Smashing all the canisters is obviously in the alien stages. But I can't even break one to complete the surgery, ahah.
Dasorine 26 września 2013 o 11:58 
found best way to do the canisters is to pull far back, make a fist and slam your mouse up as fast as you can, with a decent sensitivity you'll punch right through all 3 on a side...

Still not sure how to do em all in 10 seconds (is it 10 seconds from first one breaking? Or from operation start?)

The 180 spoon flip is annoying me to no end.
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