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SA.AlenSamhaineld 2013年9月24日下午7:29
Code Trisha Solved [SPOILERS ALERT]
HINT n1: Behind the certificate
HINT n2: Call trisha's number to get her note 099326071850
HINT n3: This is how you get the ggn4x VHS:

HINT 1 Solution: 29 (Time of Saturn rotation)
HINT 2 Solution: 61 (duh)
HINT 3 Solution: 45 (Gotten calling your own phone number in the game, doesn't work for all countries)

KEYPAD CODE: 2 9 6 1 4 5

Bruteforcing: I'm a bit disappointed we bruteforced the whole thing... but well, thanks to Suyooo for having started the whole thing, and a great thank you to the whole community who banded together for this.
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karmarok 2013年9月24日下午7:58 
damn, I've called that number (80554111111) but nothing happens... No new VHS. Did you do anything else¿
panfoot6 2013年9月24日下午8:10 
Yeah, customer service one didn't do anything for me either, are you sure it wasn't one of the other numbers?
SA.AlenSamhaineld 2013年9月24日下午8:13 
sorry probably i remembered wrong! >.< i was so excited that i straight forgot the right number! probably it was the surgery team one, anyway i uploaded a screenshot of the incriminated vhs
Thunder1 2013年9月24日下午8:15 
I dailed every telephone number and the tape appeared after I entered the phone number for the surgery team.
panfoot6 2013年9月24日下午8:17 
Yup, just tried the surgery number and got the tape to appear.
SA.AlenSamhaineld 2013年9月24日下午8:19 
sorry gonna edit the post T_T
panfoot6 2013年9月24日下午8:23 
So, the note that was on the medic statue that is now on the back of the diploma has 6 blanks with the first 2 cirlced. So its probably safe to assume that there is one more clue for the 2 middle numbers, and that this will be the code for that keypad(and possibly the secret procedure).
SA.AlenSamhaineld 2013年9月24日下午8:27 
the first note answer was saturn, and if i remember correctly it was somewath related to the upcoming update (this one) but it could still be related.
still it could then be
S A _ _ P O
S A _ _ O C
S A _ _ C K
S A _ _ K E
S A _ _ E T
(if the "is in your pocket" means this obviously...)
SA.AlenSamhaineld 2013年9月24日下午9:07 
also we shouldn't forget about ggn4x!
Bill Paxton 2013年9月24日下午9:09 
Maybe the letters correspond to numbers on a phone keypad? Like a phone that you would have in your pocket, prehaps.
MattShea 2013年9月24日下午9:09 
Is it GGN4X or G6N4X?
Burlington Scrote Factory 2013年9月24日下午9:15 
someone found this... but there is no 0.
The Derr Man 2013年9月24日下午9:18 
I assume you need an Oculus Rift and possibly the Razer Hydra to see into his pockets.
SA.AlenSamhaineld 2013年9月24日下午9:18 
that's GGN4X
SA.AlenSamhaineld 2013年9月24日下午9:19 
Well the only person i know who has got an oculs and hydra and the game is pewdiepie, will have to ask him :D
(also did anyone notice that one of the achievements is dedicated to pewds?)
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