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Code Trisha Solved [SPOILERS ALERT]
HINT n1: Behind the certificate
HINT n2: Call trisha's number to get her note 099326071850
HINT n3: This is how you get the ggn4x VHS:

HINT 1 Solution: 29 (Time of Saturn rotation)
HINT 2 Solution: 61 (duh)
HINT 3 Solution: 45 (Gotten calling your own phone number in the game, doesn't work for all countries)

KEYPAD CODE: 2 9 6 1 4 5

Bruteforcing: I'm a bit disappointed we bruteforced the whole thing... but well, thanks to Suyooo for having started the whole thing, and a great thank you to the whole community who banded together for this.
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karmarok 24. syys, 2013 19.58 
damn, I've called that number (80554111111) but nothing happens... No new VHS. Did you do anything else¿
panfoot6 24. syys, 2013 20.10 
Yeah, customer service one didn't do anything for me either, are you sure it wasn't one of the other numbers?
SA.AlenSamhaineld 24. syys, 2013 20.13 
sorry probably i remembered wrong! >.< i was so excited that i straight forgot the right number! probably it was the surgery team one, anyway i uploaded a screenshot of the incriminated vhs
Thunder Rahja 24. syys, 2013 20.15 
I dailed every telephone number and the tape appeared after I entered the phone number for the surgery team.
panfoot6 24. syys, 2013 20.17 
Yup, just tried the surgery number and got the tape to appear.
SA.AlenSamhaineld 24. syys, 2013 20.19 
sorry gonna edit the post T_T
panfoot6 24. syys, 2013 20.23 
So, the note that was on the medic statue that is now on the back of the diploma has 6 blanks with the first 2 cirlced. So its probably safe to assume that there is one more clue for the 2 middle numbers, and that this will be the code for that keypad(and possibly the secret procedure).
SA.AlenSamhaineld 24. syys, 2013 20.27 
the first note answer was saturn, and if i remember correctly it was somewath related to the upcoming update (this one) but it could still be related.
still it could then be
S A _ _ P O
S A _ _ O C
S A _ _ C K
S A _ _ K E
S A _ _ E T
(if the "is in your pocket" means this obviously...)
SA.AlenSamhaineld 24. syys, 2013 21.07 
also we shouldn't forget about ggn4x!
gordon1470 24. syys, 2013 21.09 
Maybe the letters correspond to numbers on a phone keypad? Like a phone that you would have in your pocket, prehaps.
MattShea 24. syys, 2013 21.09 
Is it GGN4X or G6N4X?
Grave 24. syys, 2013 21.15 
someone found this... but there is no 0.
The Derr Man 24. syys, 2013 21.18 
I assume you need an Oculus Rift and possibly the Razer Hydra to see into his pockets.
SA.AlenSamhaineld 24. syys, 2013 21.18 
that's GGN4X
SA.AlenSamhaineld 24. syys, 2013 21.19 
Well the only person i know who has got an oculs and hydra and the game is pewdiepie, will have to ask him :D
(also did anyone notice that one of the achievements is dedicated to pewds?)
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