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Quick Fingers  [developer] Jun 27, 2013 @ 6:56am
Patch Notes (Latest 1.166)
The build you are running is on the note stuck to the file in the reception

  • Fixed Oculus/Razer Hydra in space kidney level.
  • TF2 disappearing UI fixed.
  • Pens refilled with ink in reception.

  • Fixed Razer Hydra controls on VR branch in heart operation.
  • Fixed "Best Surgeon in the Universe" achievement not triggering occasionally.
  • Fixed Heart Monitor scale and not displaying ECG line on some resolutions.
  • A whole heap of bug fixes.
  • A new little disk in the reception area

  • Fixed Razer Hydra controls not working on VR branch.
  • Fixed Oculus orientation.
  • Fixed "That's How I Lost My Medical License" achievement not triggering .
  • Made jars in alien surgery easier to smash with certain tools.
  • Couple of crash bugs fixed.

  • All operations (Heart / Kidney / Brain) now available in Space!
  • VR (Oculus Rift & Razer Hydra) are now a separate build available in the BETAS tab of the games properties.
    (This is to make the game more stable for people who do not own a Rift or Hydra)
  • 18 New Achievements(!)
  • Upgraded Nigel's phone.
  • Tons of bug fixes.

  • Fixed issue with TF2 level not completing properly (Sorry!)
  • Added milliseconds to times. Pro surgeons rejoice! There are new records to set

  • Fixed achievement bugs.

  • Fixed space level causing a crash on completion.
  • Visual bug on Medic arms in Razer Hydra mode fixed.

  • Fixed input issue on Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Fixed disappearing HUD at certain resolutions / operations.
  • Fixed right hand collision with Razer Hydra.
  • Some minor text/translation issues resolved.

  • Fixed Dutch flag.
  • Fixed 2 potential Mac startup crash bugs.
  • Getting 'Nothing left to teach' Achievement before achieving everything fixed.
  • Sporadic random language switching to German / Russian fixed.
  • Radio songs for Heart transplant and Kidney transplant fixed.
  • Audio engine improved.
  • Tween engine replaced, eliminates random errors.
  • Experimental menu removed from Linux build (No VR implementation for Linux yet.)
  • Missing translations added.

  • Added localisation. (13 languages. Selectable on the main menu)
  • Fixed GetThreadContext errors on Windows.
  • TF2 level additional art pass.
  • TF2 Bottles now breakable.
  • TF2 Medi-gun controls tweaked to make more controllable
  • TF2 Lungs easier to remove.
  • TF2 Ribs no longer made of adamantium.
  • TF2 Fridge is now locked to begin with. Requires 'unlocking'.
  • TF2 Medic hand raised tweaks.
  • Razer Hydra now binds fingers to correct hands all the time.
  • Razer Hydra hands are now collidable with each other.
  • Razer Hydra hands now collidable with held objects (Can now stab your other arm with a syringe for example).

  • Fixed Steamworks not connecting.
  • Fixed achievements not registering.

  • Initial TF2 Build.
  • Added (experimental) support for Razer Hydra.
  • Added (experimental) support for Oculus Rift.
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