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Bossa Studios Ltd  [developer] Apr 19, 2013 @ 11:37am
Frequently Asked Questions
-How do I start the game?

Click on it in your Steam Library.

-My screen is the wrong size, what do I do?

Click Options and adjust your resolution and fullscreen setting.
Click the Apply Resolution tab to confirm your changes.

-I’m a pro-gamer and I have two screens, but my mouse pointer keeps going on to the other screen and switching the game off - what do I do?

When changing screen resolution sometimes the cursor lock can fail.
Click back into the game window, pause the game by hitting Escape, then click resume. This will re-enable the cursor lock.

-Why can't I grab with all 4 fingers and my thumb at the same time?

Some keyboards have issues with multiple keys being pressed down that are close together/in the same region on the keyboard. Remap your keys in the options menu and you should be able to find a setup that works for you!

-How do I pick things up?

It’s all in the thumb! To pick something up you must be holding it with at least 1 finger and the thumb. Check out the old computer in the reception area of the game for details.

-How do I move the hand?

The movement is mouse controlled. Using the mouse moves the hand, holding the left mouse button lowers the hand, and holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse allows you to rotate the hand. Check out the old computer in the reception area of the game for details

-How do I complete an operation?

All operations in Surgeon Simulator are transplants. So that involves removing the defective organ and replacing with a shiny new one.

-The transplant organ just fell on the floor, how do I get it back?

There’s no 5 second rule with human organs. On the floor? UGH! Behave! Once its on the floor it’s gone. Press the 'esc' key to bring up the pause menu and click reset to try again.

-Can I use a touchpad to control the game?

Well, you can try, but it's not recommended.

-Is the game anatomically correct?

No and it should not be considered as such. The organs are roughly the right shape and roughly where they would be, but that's about as far as it goes. The amount of blood in the body is roughly correct though.

-Will there be DLC?

Who knows?

-How do I report a bug? is your friend

-Can I use your game in my YouTube video?

YES! A mention in the credits and link to the game is all we would ask.

-Where can I buy the soundtrack?


- Are you doing merchandise?

Possibly, this depends on the number of requests and general interest there is. Please drop us a suggestion email if you would like merchandise. We've been working on a few t-shirt designs that we'd LOVE to show you. Ask!

-Can I use your music in my video?

Yes. Don't say it's yours though. Credit our friends who made it:

-I want to interview you guys - how do I sort that out?

-Why does my vision randomly go weird?

You need to watch you don’t stab yourself with random syringes... There’s some powerful stuff in those things...

-My game is running really slowly, what can I do to help that?

Go to the options menu from the reception area. Turn quality setting to low and lower the screen resolution.

-Why can't I use two hands?

You are! One on the keyboard and one on the mouse. You’d need 4 hands to control both of Nigel's arms.

-What's a floppy disk?

This is an old fashioned way of storing information for a computer, a bit like a DVD but more fragile ( my young apprentice). The floppy bit is inside the plastic casing.

-Where is Bernardshire?

It's a small county not far from Bobertshire and Westex in the country of Angland (in other words it's made up).

-How do I get more operations to perform?

You unlock new operations by completing existing ones.

-Why is the game so hard?

Because if it were easy, anyone could do it. We've made the game challenging so that those of you who are able to complete it and get all the achievements can feel rightly proud of yourselves.

-Can I turn the gore-levels off or down?

In real-life surgery, you can’t change how much blood comes out or what a lung looks like. We wanted to recreate this. :)

-Can I reset the reception area?

Yes. Press the 'esc' key and click Reset Reception in the menu that appears.

-How do I stop 'Bob' dying

Bob dies when his blood level reaches 0. Different tools have different effects on different organs. Try using different tools to work out which ones are more efficient and better suited for the different tasks. You need to complete the operation before Bob's blood level reaches zero.

-Can you put my face on 'Bob' -

No. Why do you want to be Bob anyway? Can’t you see what’s happening to him? ;)

-I want to add my own tools, will there be mod support?

Perhaps. We believe it’s still early days for Surgeon Simulator and hope to improve, expand and add support for things like this in the future! However, we’re not promising anything. You never know what the future may hold, and neither do we.

-Where are the global leaderboards?

Well wouldn't you know... we are already storing your best times and blood levels for all your operations. These are available in the Steam community site. We may one day add these to the in-game experience in a future update,but we’re busy people and we wouldn't want to disappoint you by making you think something will happen when it may not.

Hope this helps!

If you can think of any other questions, please tell us, and we'll add them to this. :)

~ The Creators of Surgeon Simulator 2013
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